Monday, January 20 2020
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A2 06-07 Series

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Trento Graffiti unlucky that does not go beyond the three to three in the trip to Bari. A result that goes close to the girls of Genta who three times took the lead but that three times were reached by the Pugliesi, in last circumstance thanks to a + ghost network; with the ball that probably had not passed the white line. All the top teams have slowed down and so the Trento, at the end of the match, finds itself in third place in the standings just two points away from the leaders Ravenna. The supremacy of Trentino is rewarded at 23 ': Meneghelli is put down in the area, penalty beat by Parisi, Campelli rejects but Rigatti reiterates in the network. At the 39? the draw of the New Bari: Di ​​Turi takes advantage of an indecision aquilotta and signs one by one. The locals push and Bon is good in two circumstances to oppose the pugliesi forward. The recovery opens with Rodella leading with a shot from the edge in seven; joy does not last long because at 50 'Di Pinto equalizes. Trento is not there and at 60 'comes back in the score with Rigatti, well served by Meneghelli, which exceeds Campelli with a pitched shot from the edge. At the 63 'cold shower: Patimo hits the crossbar, Bon recovers the ball near the goal line. Among the general amazement the referee Lombardi assigns the goal of the final three to three.

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ASD LUDOS PALERMO BACK TO VICTORY ASD LUDOS PALERMO EXCEEDING SPORT NAPLES FOR 3-0 THE SUCCESS OF PALERMITANE SIGNED BY GAMMICCHIA, ORLANDO AND BUTTACCIO On the eleventh day of the Serie A / 2 championship (Group A ) of women's football, the Asd Ludos Palermo returns to the victory that goes through 3-0 for the Napoli Sport. Do the networks that decided the match bring Gammicchia's signatures to 16? and Orlando at the 54? on penalty kick.

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After the winter break, the Dinamo Ravenna winter champion consolidates the lead in the standings by beating at home the? Old knowledge? Barcon The Dinamo Ravenna starts the championship again after the winter break confirming that it deserves the head of the standings. The clash in Romagna? of those who return the memory to the last championship, when the two challengers were competing for the record in the Group B group. The home team is strong, earning numerous opportunities from goal with shots from the edge of Wife, Linguerri and Mariani that not find the mirror of the door. Then excellent opportunity for Franchi undergoes the development of one of the many kicks of the corner, which is ready the Venetian goalkeeper, and still a wife from the edge that finds the post on a nice conclusion from outside the area. The result s unlocks when there is less than 10 minutes at the interval: deep ball? on Franchi, the Giallorossi striker found the right corridor suggesting a perfect assist to Li Calzi who bagged with a nice diagonal half-height on the second post.

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A first time of suffering, a recovery from absolute master of the field. Trento wins in comeback, which in the first official commitment of 2007 finds the three points surpassing the Atletico Oristano at Briamasco. House owner undertone in the first part of the game and a ball in the hands of the host formation; the recovery? instead all of the brand home with able to overturn the result by scoring two goals, centering two woods and failing a penalty. At the 15? punishment of Meneghelli too central, at 22? sarde ahead with a nice header from Atzori. The Trento can not create a game and becomes dangerous only with two set pieces of Rigatti and Parisi. At the 43? Oristano nearly doubled but Forroia all alone kicks high.

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ASD LUDOS PALERMO ASD LUDOS PALERMO TO THE SOCKETS WITH THE MASTER BOTH ABOVE THE FORMATION SPRING BEATS 6-1 THE AQUILES IN THE FIRST OF THE CATEGORY CHAMPIONSHIP The ninth day of the Serie A / 2 of football is played tomorrow female. In Grione A l'Asd Ludos Palermo will be? engaged at home, at 14,30 on the field of Fincantieri all'Acquasanta, against the leaders Tradate Abbiate.

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