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The day of recovery is smiling to the girls of Roberto Genta who on Wednesday have conquered the field of Dinamo Ravenna taking back the top of the A2 series championship, more and more launched towards a historic promotion in the top series after having overtaken the Romagna in the standings. Wania Meneghelli unlocks the result in the first half, at the 13 ', with a splendid lob on the outgoing goalkeeper after a successful combination started by Bertolini and refined for the attacker by Busetti. It is the nineteenth seal in the league for the wild aquilotta tip. In the second half the Trentis are always able to hold the match in hand and at the 16 'they find the doubling: on a return offside of Meneghelli and Ferrari the star of the blue under 19 Alice Parisi is very good, which fits in a central gap with the ball at the foot and the right outside directs an exceptional shot under the crossbar. A minute later Meneghelli hits the post and seals supremacy. Sunday decisive match, at 4 turns from the end, with the dangerous Udinese of Chiasiellis, to the 15 at Briamasco. Marco Fontana (Trento) NETWORKS: 13 'pt Meneghelli, 16' st Parisi DINAMO RAVENNA: Cities, Francesconi, Piolanti, Cimatti, Wife, Alboretti, Olives (47 'Licalzi), Linguerzi, Franchi, Vancini (73' Deseri), Mariani . Herds Laura Fabbri TRENTO GRAFFITI 2000.COM: Bonn, Busetti, Prosperi, Catia Ferrari, Tomasi, Bertolini, Irene Ferrari, Meneghelli, Parisi, Leonardi (65 'Rigon), Rigatti. Herds Roberto Genta REFEREE: Zanon di Portogruaro (Venice) THE RANKING: Trento Graffiti2000.com 39, Romagna 37, Chiasiellis 35, Dinamo Ravenna 35, Venice Jesolo 28, Atletico Oristano 27, Villaputzu 27, New Bari 19, Rovezzano 18, Olbia 16, Barcon 13, Villacidro 12.
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