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Another victory for the Trento that at the Briamasco exceeds for two nets to zero the Olbia and confirms itself on the top of the group B of the A2 female series. Convincing kites especially in the first part of the game, less brilliant in the second half. The two goals of Rigatti were decisive in both cases well taken by Meneghelli. that remains in first place in the standings tied with the Ravenna that without too much trouble has passed home New Bari. First fraction played at a good pace by the girls of Roberto Genta, close to the goal already at 1 'with a Parisi's punishment rejected by the extreme Sardinian. At 12 'Rigatti shoots high from a good position but soon after he is forgiven by buying a precise cross from the right of Meneghelli. The Olbia creates only two scoring goals throughout the match, at 40 'and 53', but finding on its way an inspired Bon, able to reject the conclusion of Miranda and Meloni. At 78 'sarde in numerical inferiority for the expulsion of Balestri, took advantage of it and in the final doubles with an action identical to that of the advantage: Meneghelli's cross and Rigatti's winning touch. Next Sunday in Mattarello, Trento will host Romagna. NETWORKS: 21 ', 93' Rigatti (T). TRENTO GRAFFITI2000.COM: Bon, Busetti, Prosperi, Rodella, Ferrari C., Tomasi, Bertolini, Ferrari I., Meneghelli, Parisi, Rigatti. Coach: Roberto Genta. OLBIA: Ranzani, Balestri, Casu (69 'Fresu), Garau, Meloni, Caminante, Rinneri, Carta, Perfetto, Miranda, Rota. Coach: Pietro Ricciu ARBITRATOR: Giuliani di Belluno. NOTES: Balestri expelled (O) to 78 'for double caution.
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