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An important success for Villaputzu in the fifteenth day of the A2 series of women's soccer, the red and blue girls' imposed with the result of 2-0 on Villacidro. First action worthy of note immediately in the first minute with a free kick by Cuccu (recovered at the last minute), just over the crossbar, at the twelfth is the turn of the Romanian Enàche, also with a punishment from the limitesfiora the crossbar. The well-deserved advantage arrives at the thirtieth, a spectacular action: the Cuccu-Orru'-Cuccu triangle, and with a great left the attacker slips the Villacidrese goalkeeper. Even the second half started with the rossoblu 'brand, in the first minute a great shot by midfielder Orru' from the 30 mt touches the post. At the twentieth the Villacidro tries to bring in parity with a free kick from captain Saiu, but a great feat of the extreme defender rossoblu 'Mulas saves the result. At thirtieth, Cuccu with sguarnitacalcia goal safe shot but the ball is intercepted by the hand of a villacidrese defender, it would be penalty but the referee considers the arm of the dfensore too attached to the body, good however the test of the island whistle. The goal that finally closes the match finally arrives at the 43rd place, also this with a great action carried out by a triangle Orru'-Cuccu-Enàche that incomprehensibly slipped the goal of the 2-0. The great test of the Mulas goalkeeper and of the defenders Boi and Congiu should be emphasized without forgetting Captain Lepori who is showing that he can still give the team much more. Now the squad of Atzori is expected from a fundamental part, if not decisive, Sunday it goes on the field of Ravenna (already beaten in the first leg) leaders with Trento that are only two lengths from the islanders. VILLACIDRO: DESOGUS, MUSCAS, GUAIME, MANCA, CARIA, PIGA, LENZU, BOI, PILI, SAIU, COCCO. VILLAPUTZU: MULAS, BOI, CONGIU, PINTOR, PANI, GANDINI, LEPORI, ORRU ', ENACHE, PALADINI, CUCCU. AVAILABLE: LISCI, MELIS, COSSU, TORO, PORCEDDU, TRAINER ATZORI
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