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Important success of the Villaputzu in the 14? A2 series women's day, the rossoblu? (in an unpublished and beautiful pink shirt) they defeated the Chiasiellis of Udine for 1-0, and to say that at the last moment the Sardinian technician had to do without the midfielder Paladini grappling with an influenza attack. First time football show for Captain Lepori and companions, the tenth great action of Cuccu that unmarked in area Enache with a great right put in great difficulty? the Friulian goalkeeper who sent a corner kick, always the Cuccu two minutes later ended a sure blow but once again the extreme number one. But on the twenty-second came the deserved goal, a free kick from the right of the excellent Gandini and euro goals from the limit of the leading area of ​​the Romanian Enache. Second fraction of the game conditioned largely by the strong mistral wind that favored the forcing of the guests, but a great defense led by the Goalkeeper Martina Mulas, two great parades to the seventieth and the eightieth, and the trio Boi, Congiu and Gandini. Also worthy of note is the excellent performance of midfielder Cossu and director Orru ?, which is proving to be sure together with the defender Boi the revelations of this season. Now the ranking sees the team of coach Atzori only in third place only two points from leaders Trento to share 26, team that will have? see you in a couple of days on the field rossoblu bunker ?. Now the sample will observe? a turn to rest for the commitment of the national team, the next commitment sees Cuccu and companions engaged in the field of Villacidro. VILLAPUTZU CF-CHIASIELLIS CF 1-0 (1-0) VILLAPUTZU: Mulas, Boi C., Congiu A., Gandini, Lepori, Orru (75 'Locci), Pintor, Pani, Enache, Cossu L., Cuccu - Coach: Salvatore Atzori CHIASIELLIS: Magnani, Urbani, Giovannini, Canciani, Dazzan, Miani, Cester E., Gressani, Berardo, Degrassi, Bortolus - Coach: Silvano Grigolo Networks: 22 'Enache (V) Ammonites: Gandini (V) Expelled: none Spectators : 100 Referee Lobina di Quartu S.Elena
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