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The first challenge between newly promoted group B puts the three points in the ranking of Dinamo Ravenna and surprisingly projects the Romagnole at the top ahead of the navigation Trento and Chiasiellis Beautiful race, bright and intense right from the start. The Ravenna immediately makes a big voice and hits the crossbar with Deseri, but? Bari to break the balance at 34 ', with a clever play from outside the area of ​​Pappapicco on the uncertain exit of the goalkeeper. It seems like a prelude to the wishful blow on the eve of the match, but the party of the Apulians takes just a minute. Do you touch Annamaria Bernab's girls live? reach the immediate draw with Ulivi - which finalizes the excellent service of Deseri - and at 40 'put the arrow for overtaking thanks to the Franchi net with a precise shot from distance. Does it end like this? the first time on the 2-1 for the romagnole. In the second half the hopes of the Bari crash against the break of the guests, who in a quarter of an hour they take to the 1-4. At the 51 'Li Calzi does not miss the appointment with the first season goal, bagging from a tight angle, while at the 65' Ulivi signs the double with a mocking lob from the edge. Still Li Calzi has the opportunity to round off the score, but the bar jammed sure hits both poles, after crossing the entire goal line. The biancorosse reanimano and forcing leads to shorten the distances to 74 'with Pappapicco on personal action. The guests immediately take action and stem the enemy opponents without worries, allowing themselves dangerous raids on the break. Excellent tactical interpretation of Dinamo Ravenna, dragged by captain Piolanti, who made the winning weapon cold blood. The maneuver of Bari, which did not leave its field empty-handed since time immemorial, was nervous and often too animated. Certainly on the stands of the synthetic municipal of Modugno were not bored. To be two new entry in the championship, not? it seemed at all a battle for salvation. Pina Pizzul TRAINING DINAMO RAVENNA: Citta, Cimatti, Amadei, Galdiolo, Piolanti, Li Calzi (85? Mariani), Wife, Vancini, Deseri, Franchi, Ulivi NETWORKS: Olives, Franchi, Li Calzi, Olivi
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