Pisa Cosmopolitan - Sport Napoli 6-0

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Sparkling victory of the Pisan team against Napoli dropped to Abetone anything but resigned from the position in the standings that sees him lagging behind. The Neapolitan team takes to the field in fact with great concentration, convinced of being able to take home at least one point to recover from the mined area, while Pisa for its part wants at all costs the first victory in this championship in order to breathe better air away from slums. The chronicle: After 10? of substantial balance, the Pisa test the first thrust with an action in line D? Alascio, Novelli, Pallotti, and the latter does not miss the appointment with the goal by putting a nice shot in the corner after missing an opponent in the area. At the 24? great goal by Binelli that on the corner of Novelli, shoot the fly with a shot that slips at the intersection. At the 31? Cei is expelled for handball at the edge of the last area of ​​the defense. The Pisa in 10 tries to find the right balance to keep safely the double advantage achieved and the first half ends without other jolts. The second half saw Napoli begin a great career by forcing the team from Pisa to a strenuous defense of the advantage gained but only the misfortune and the parades of the talented Giuffrida have not allowed the Neapolitans to score at least the goal of the flag. The blue try everything for everything, but are slipped on the counterattack with a beautiful lunge of Pallotti launches in the Binelli area, beautifully inserted, which with a nice touch skips the goalkeeper and supports the 3 0 network. The goal cuts the legs and overwhelms the morale of the Neapolitans, who give up and are immediately chastised by the usual Pallotti with a beautiful one-two, and the first goal in the black-blue shirt of Ardeti on penalty. At this point the game acquires the meaning of a defeat for the Naples that, to tell the truth, manages to put in difficulty for most of the match the nerazzure forced to play in ten for an hour. Pisa with this sonorous victory is projected beyond the half? Ranking. PISA CF - SPORTS NAPLES CF 6-0 (2-0) PISA CF: Giuffrida, Ardeti, La Monica (84 'Serredi), Rebecchi, Cei, Zamora (70' Guelfi), Casanova, D'alascio, Novelli, Pallotti, Binelli (84 'Vaghetti). Coach: E. Pitanti SPORT NAPLES CF: Iannone, Ferraiuolo, Catapano, Cennamo, De Rosa, Beneventi, Bruzzese, De Matteo, Palmieri, Reale, Severino Coach: G. Aversano Referee: D. Stazi Networks: 14 '70' 84 ' Pallotti, 24 'Binelli, 65' Binelli, rig. 79 'Ardeti Ammonites: none Expelled: 55' Cei (P) Spectators: 50 contribution: www.pisacalciofemminile.it
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