Dinamo Ravenna - Olbia 2 - 0

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Olbia Ambrosio La Corte with little luck in Ravenna with two episodes one by one, the olbia ambrosio the court, leaves the entire stakes at the first championship. in that of ravenna, we have witnessed a race sometimes even beautiful, with the olbia that prevailed in more 'than one occasion, but that for the skill of the goalkeeper, (really nice parade on a precise shot of testa di guidet), did not materialize. and as often happens in these cases, one is punished properly. from a lost ball in midfield, (accomplice cristina ambrosio) to 32? the Franchi leads the Ravenna, the olbia accuses a bit 'the undeserved blow, but slowly resumed to impress his game, but the different opportunities only for an inertia do not materialize the recovery? always olbiense brand, but as the minutes pass, the Giallorossi, become more 'owner of the field, there are several actions, all on the void. but at the 93? with a shot that really surprises everyone, and with your head already? in the locker room (about 30 mt), wife finds the jolly on Sunday? gives the double advantage that severely punishes an olf that deserved at least one point. these are the eleven of ravenna: ranzani, balestri, muzzo, carta, guidet, masili, ambrosio (55? aresu), perfect, campus (63? casu), miranda, garau. Sunday come the udinesi of chiasellis, will you play? to berchidda courtesy of the municipal administration of berchidda. Itanto from ct. Petro Ghedin has received the summons for the under 17, the young Arzachenese, enza gala, for a rally at the bourgeois in Rome. the company takes the opportunity to communicate, that already? a few days have resumed, the training of the spring team, led by coach Gerardo Perrone and loredana murgia, are also invited, new players if interested in the discipline of women's football, to present at the angel stage caocci on Tuesday and Friday from h.19.00 on.
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