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At the 18.30 on Sunday the pre-season retreat for the girls of the Trento ended. The work done in these days was very intense and the results were immediately seen during the match against a Venetian formation. The meeting that closed this gathering saw our team dominate 11 networks at 4 over the Veneto, but in addition to the tennis result, important improvements were noted in the central and the offensive department. The defense has still shown need for a break-in, but the conditions are excellent given the pawns available in the Trento squad. The Trent wants to thank the Hotel Flora of Ponte Arche that has made available all the necessary for a perfect execution of the preparatory phase. Next Sunday the Italian Cup will start. It should be noted that this morning Alice Parisi, a strong midfielder from Trento, started for the National 19 rally. We inform you that the under 20 world championship was surprisingly won by Korea.
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