For the Asd Ludos Palermo good point in Perugia

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ASD LUDOS PALERMO ASD LUDOS PALERMO RETURNS FROM THE TRANSFER OF PERUGIA THE PALERMITANES BRING THE DIFFICULT CAMPO UMBRO A GOOD POINT The sixteenth day of the women's Serie A / 2 championship was played. In Group A the Asd Ludos Palermo takes away from the difficult field of Perugia Grifo a good point fruit of the draw for 0-0.

ASD LUDOS PALERMO The match report PERUGIA GRIFO - ASD LUDOS PALERMO 0-0 PERUGIA GRIFO: Roscini; Altei, Cianci, Fiorucci, Saravalle; Frizza, Parise, Carnevali (80 'Sodano J.), Mortolini; Costantini (60 'Lorenzini), Suriani. Bordellini, Maddaleni available. Coach Oliviero Montanelli. ASD LUDOS PALERMO: Tusa; Di Fiore, Abbasta, Costanza, Scalici; Stagno, Orlando, Granato, Ciranna; Buttaccio, Simone. La Mantia is available. Coach Massimiliano Osman. REFEREE: Henry Guslini of Macerata. NOTES: Windy day, land in fair condition. The game was conditioned by the very strong wind that influenced both the play of the home team coached by Oliviero Montanelli and those of the Palermo team led by Massimiliano Osman. The Palermo never took particular risks, apart from a balloon that was about to become dangerous in the center of the area because of the wind on which it has well freed Di Fiore. Indeed they have had good opportunities to win the entire stake in the first half on at least three occasions, two with Buttaccio and one with Ciranna on a free kick beaten by 30 meters. In the second half the Palermo managed the ball control well and managed to keep their net untouched. <>. In the next round the Asd Ludos Palermo will be involved at home against Pisa.

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