Asd Ludos - Upea Orlandia 0-2

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ASD LUDOS PALERMO INTERNAL DEFENSE FOR ASD LUDOS PALERMO IN THE DERBY WITH UPEA ORLANDIA '97 POSITIVE NOTE OF THE DAY THE EXTENT OF THE QUATTORDICENNE LA MANTIA On the fifteenth day of the Serie A / 2 women's football championship 'Asd Ludos Palermo loses at home against Upea Orlandia' 97 for 2-0. The goals that have decided the match both bear Bertino's signature.

ASD LUDOS PALERMO The Tabellino: ASD LUDOS PALERMO - UPEA ORLANDIA '97 0-2 NETWORKS: 44' and 80 'Bertino ASD LUDOS PALERMO: Tusa; Di Fiore, Abbasta, Constance (77 'The Mantia), Scalici; Garnet, Gammicchia, Simone (87 'Reina), Ciranna; Buttaccio, Patti. Coach Massimiliano Osman. UPEA ORLANDIA '97: Fucked up; Cucinotta, Venuti, Catalfamo, Cusmà Piccione; Radici, Morello, Manzella, Bertino; Minciullo, Giuliano. At the disposal of Impoco, Mollica, Castrovinci, Segreto, Iuculano. Leuccio Tonarelli trainer. REFEREE: Nicola Ruggirello of Trapani. Assistants Danilo Ruggeri and Francesco Bonfiglio of Palermo. NOTES: Spring day, clay court. 2-1 corners. Recovery 2 'pt and 3' st. Ammonita 46 'Buttaccio. The first action for Asd Ludos Palermo arrives at the 20 'with Buttaccio who acrobats in turn to the door defended by Cazzato, the ball muffled by the deflection of a defender takes a strange trajectory on which the extreme defender of the guests is careful and blocks . At 24 'snaps on the offside of Minciullo, but first Patti and then Di Fiore close very well and regain the ball. Around half an hour you can still see Buttaccio with two occasions. The first, in a shot on the fly from the right, is retaken in a corner. The second from the distance on a wrong postponement of the defense of Ireland. Also on this occasion Cazzato is careful and blocks the ball. At 44 'the Upea Orlandia' 97 with Bertino took the lead. The midfielder collects a throw-in from the right and steals the time from home players putting the ball behind Tusa. At 46 'could equal the Asd Ludos Palermo with Buttaccio, but his conclusion directly on the free kick from the edge of the area is printed on the crossbar. At the start of the second half Tusa dives to his right and with the tip of his fingers avoids the doubling goal for the Upea Orlandia '97 deflecting a corner kick from a distance by Cusmà Piccione. At the 71 'Ancora Tusa keeps the Asd Ludos Palermo in the race, stopping off the attacking opponent Minciullo launched on the net. A minute later Tusa is beaten, the doubling ball happens on the head of Bertino who heads full in the crossbar. At the 77 'is debut in the first team Serena La Mantia, 14 years, product of the nursery dell'Asd Ludos Palermo that trains the players of the future on the football school "Karibu" in via Lanza di Scalea (091 6717462). At the 80 'doubles the opening of the Orlandia'97: Manzella takes a free-kick from the right that finds Bertino ready to turn header. In the next round, Sunday 18 March, ASD Ludos Palermo will be on the field of Grifo Perugia. Valerio Tripi Press Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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