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Warm spring sunshine at the Comunale of Castiglione del Lago, the girls give the second consecutive victory to Mr. Mariotti confirming the head of the standings while not expressing the best. In the first 20 minutes dominated by the girls of the DS Franca Oman that repeatedly touch the advantage; and right at the 20 'that Gloria Lanzani is injured, does Alice Massera take over? an excellent match. Last 25 minutes of the 1? time they see Perugia forward with beautiful phrases that for? they never carry conclusions in dangerous doors. Start shooting and after not even 1 minute Fusetti retrieves the ball, Tagliacarne pulls in the door and on the rebel Gaziotto bags. Tradate with grit defends itself to the 90 'without ever taking big risks. Satisfaction on the face of President Savina Pasciuti for having conquered the victory with his teeth!

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