VENEZIA JESOLO -villaputzu 3-1

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Venice Jesolo - Villaputzu 3 - 1 ZELARINO A good debut in the championship for the VeneziaJesolo that beats Xputu-3 the Villaputzu. In the first exit in A1 after the Italian Cup bracket, the lagooners immediately give a satisfaction to their new technician Max Cravin: who will have to? surely work for? his girls waste less offensive, but this work with the help of the first three points appears much more? smoother. First time all Venetian brand, with Ranzolin that already? at the 2 'does Mulas dry. Too many errors sill for? they risk weighing and, in fact, at rest they go only on the 13-1. A non-reassuring score and not by chance the Sardinian team impacts with Enache.

GOL: pt 13 'Ranzolin, st 17' Enache, 42 'Cavallini, 48' Pasqualato. VENEZIAJESOLO: Bertocco, Castagna, Lippolis, Zugno, Camerotto, Mandruzzato, Cavallini, Ranzolin, Cian (st 18 'Coan), Tombola (st 16' Pasqualato), Chinello (st 16 'Marcato). All .: Cravin. VILLAPUTZU: Mulas, Boi, Serra, Gandini, Cossu, Porceddu, Di Frumeri, Orru, Enache, Palladini, Lepoli (st 42 'Pani). All .: Atzori. REFEREE: The Cicero di Brescia. NOTES: ammonite Ranzolin and Di Frumeri. Does Villaputzu believe in the possibility? to make a result in the lagoon and the 32 'has a great opportunity to take the lead: Bertocco lands Enache in the area, Gandini beats the penalty but Bertocco is over and rejects the penalty. At this point the arancioneroverdi, heartened by the miracle of his partner, regain courage and with the last energies go to first sign with Cavallini then with the new entry Pasqualato in full recovery. It ends 3-1 not without some shiver. Next Sunday in the second day of the long trip home of New Bari, before two trips in a row to do? followed that on the field of Dinamo Ravenna.

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