Thursday, January 12th
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Here we are, from today 25 August 2006, officially starts the new season of ACF Brescia Femminile. And the news is certainly not lacking. After a troubled summer, at the end of the day our company managed to find a place for their teams, where they could play both the training sessions and the home games for the next season.

Unfortunately, we could not find a sports facility that can accommodate all our teams (the new season will see us? field in the field well 4 formations, Pulcine, Giovanissime, Primavera and the First Team in addition to the football school for a movement that affects about 100 registered) and we had to do of necessity? virt ?, not without major inconveniences and problems. Thanks to the company OloSport, (manufacturer of artificial turf fields), which? intervened in the first person taking charge of the related costs for the next season, we managed to place the First Team at the Mario Rigamonti Sports Center, where will you play? are the midweek workouts on Wednesday? and friday? that the home games of the next National B Series Championship. Thanksgiving v? addressed also to the managers of the Centro Sportivo Rigamonti, who have facilitated us, meeting us about the cost of the plant. Does this new logistics position of the First Team involve? as obvious, the inconvenience for some players and inevitably the advantages for others, depending on their places of origin. Surely it should instead enjoy the good image of our company ?, in virt? of the largest catchment area to collect the enrollment of new girls who wanted to approach the discipline of women's football. Spring disputer? instead his workouts and his home games next season at the Municipal Sports Field of Capriolo. And here a dutiful thanks to the AC should be addressed Capriolese, who despite deploying for the next season well 12 formations in the different categories,? managed to find the space to allow our training to carry out the midweek workouts on Wednesday? and friday? and home games on Sundays. The Giovanissime, the Pulcine and the Calcio school, thanks to the welcome of the Orsa Iseo, will play their training sessions and related matches in Iseo. E? it is obvious that this logistical fragmentation does not facilitate us, rather it creates many difficulties, both from an organizational point of view and clearly a rise in costs both for the lease of the related fields and for the supply of the relative equipment for each plant, but in waiting for better times make a good face to bad luck and we thank our sponsors that this year will help us to cover the costs of the next season, hoping to return them with a season full of satisfactions and good results. Also, news? absolute for our company, from next season our technical staff is enriched with a new figure, the? Mental Coach ?, to which we welcome, as well as welcome new members who will be part of our company from next season ?, including athletes who already? in the past they had dressed our tunic. The goals of the next season are to do well in all the categories of the various Championships that will see us engaged and in particular to try to ascend the A2 Series with the First Team, as well as promote and grow the youth sector, which represents the future and continuity? of our company? and of the whole sector. I just have to address my pi? greetings and wishes for a new season full of satisfactions to all our players, our fans and a heartfelt thanks to all our sponsors and to all those who are and will be close. Good 2006 / 2007 Championship.

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