Thursday, January 12th
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A2 06-07 Series

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As per Official Announcement 15 28 / 9 / 2006 we remind you that the teams classified at the 10 ° place of the two groups of A2 Series will play the playoff (round-trip race). The winner will remain in A2 series. The first leg will be held on 3 / 6 / 2007, the return race on 10 / 6 / 2007. The 10 ° classified in Group A will play the first home race.

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Smiles the day of recovery to the girls of Roberto Genta who took the field of Dinamo Ravenna Wednesday resuming the summit of the series A2 series, more and more launched towards a historic promotion in the top flight after having overtaken Romagna in the standings. Wania Meneghelli unlocked the result in the first half, at 13 ', with a superb lob on the goalkeeper after a successful combination started by Bertolini and finished for the attacker by Busetti. It is the nineteenth seal in the championship for the unleashed Punta Aquila. In the second half the Trentino are always able to hold the match in hand and at the 16 'find the doubling: on an offside of Meneghelli and Ferrari is very good the star of the under 19 blue Alice Parisi, which fits into a central gap with the ball at the foot and of the right outside directs an exceptional shot under the crossbar. A minute later Meneghelli hit the post and sealed the supremacy. Sunday decisive match, at 4 shifts from the end, with the dangerous Udinese of Chiasiellis, at 15 at Briamasco. Marco Fontana (Trento)

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Large, very large, immensely large. There are no other words to add to describe the heart and soul of these girls: in emergency and still shaken by the incident that forced Elisa Manzardo a week ago at the hospital. His condition is clearly improving and certainly the news of the victory will have made her very happy. I'm leaving from here: final whistle. The girls chase each other, hug each other, exhausted for a battle lasting 90 minutes without exclusions of shots. On the straight there is a tense phone, it is Elisa! As if the distance between the hospital of Saluzzo and Pisa had been canceled. The gray jump, sing, around the phone making it also a participant in a sweaty victory and suffered beyond measure as important. And as the girls write on their shirts ... Elisa is waiting for you. You are our number one!

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ASD LUDOS PALERMO ASD LUDOS PALERMO RETURNS FROM THE TRANSFER OF PERUGIA THE PALERMITANES BRING THE DIFFICULT CAMPO UMBRO A GOOD POINT The sixteenth day of the women's Serie A / 2 championship was played. In Group A the Asd Ludos Palermo takes away from the difficult field of Perugia Grifo a good point fruit of the draw for 0-0.

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