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Another double for Nembrini, but this is no longer news now, which touches 25 share and is now unattainable from the others. Behind her, Pappalardo, who signs a very important safety net for Bogliasco, isolates himself in second place. More crowding on the third step where Previtali with a shotgun reaches Villivà and Calà stops at fifteen. Gritti del Brescia also salt, on the net in the match that enshrined the promotion in A2 of the Lombards, now at an altitude of thirteen. Triple jump instead for Tosi del Mozzanica who signs a hat-trick in the 7-0 on Juventus. Ranking: 25 networks: Nembrini (Mozzanica) 17 networks: Pappalardo (Bogliasco) 15 networks: Previtali (Brescia), Calà (Juventus), Villivà (Multedo) 13 networks: Gritti (Brescia) 11 networks: Xaxhiaj (Franciacorta), Allena (Juventus) 10 networks: Aresu and Baccaro (Quart), Angelini (Sarzanese) 9 networks: Sacco (Levante) 8 networks: Deiana (Alghero), Busi (Brescia), Boggero (Multedo); Boniface (Quart) 7 networks: Uras (Alghero), Marcolin (Brescia), Tosi (Mozzanica), Profumo (Multedo) 6 networks: Mammana (Mozzanica) 5 networks: Luciano (Fossano), Gallo (Juventus), Bianchessi and Pasinetti (Mozzanica), Peak (Sarzanese) 4 networks: 15 players 3 networks: 12 players 2 networks: 17 players 1 networks: 37 players Autoreti: 7
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