Sunday, 26 January 2020
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Levante - Franciacorta 1 - 2

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Bresciane win, the Levante may not be enough to beat Alghero to save itself. Networks: 3 'Serra (L), 4' Facchetti (F), 6 'Rovetta (F). LEVANTE: Piola, Pascale, Balbi, Condidorio, Picasso, Belloni, Sacco, Carino, Serra, Radici (46 'Sartelli), Rosati. Available: Mei, Massa. All. Longinotti FRANCIACORTA: Lazzaretti, Scalvini, Cancelli, Sandrini, Mondini, Pelizzari, Rovetta, Bonometti (46 'Tiburzio), Poinelli (86' Borghesi), Xaxhiaj, Facchetti (52 'Cappellini). Available: Agnesi, Messali, Colombi, Gatti. All. Zanetti Referee: Fantino Espulsa: Pelizzari at the 92 '. Chiavari. All in six minutes, the Levante does not have time to celebrate the immediate advantage that is found under a goal. At 3 'Sacco shoots a free-kick from the edge, the ball hits the barrier and ends between the feet of Serra who slipped right under the crossbar. For the Chiavari, looking for points of salvation, the race seems to go downhill. It seems, because it only takes a minute and Facchetti takes advantage of an indecision of the opposing defense and from outside the area with a perfect conclusion signed the tie. Another two minutes and the developments of a corner kick guests take the lead with Rovetta lesta to put a goal in the ball that the defense had failed to postpone. The rest of the first half can easily be left out with the girls of Longinotti unable to react, while Franciacorta was limited to managing the advantage. At the beginning of recovery a change by part: Sartelli instead of Radici for the locals and Tiburzio for Bonometti for the guests. Changes that however did not bring big changes; it was always the Franciacorta that controlled the game and at the 58 'it was possible to cancel the third offside goal by Poinelli on the conclusion from the limit of Rovetta. The Levante finally shook and at the 68 'equalized the score of nets canceled: on a free kick by Pascale, Sacco resolved the melee in the area by putting on the net but in an irregular position. At the 71 'Belloni tried with a conclusion from the edge but Lazzaretti put in the corner. With the chiavaresi attack, the Franciacorta pricked on the counterattack and in a couple of occasions could have closed the race, but the Brescia were inaccurate or shooting or in the last step. Last minutes full of emotions: at 87 Belloni tries again from the edge but once again Lazzaretti manages to deflect. In full recovery, Picasso steals the ball on the trocar at Pelizzari, the defender can not help but stop the opponent adversely launched at net and is expelled. He is responsible for beating the punishment Sacco who kicks precise towards the top corner but once again the goalkeeper arrives there denying the 2-2. Now the situation for the Levante is critical, on the last day will have to go to win in Alghero to save, hoping that the Bogliasco I do not do against the Mozzanica. But to get the three points the girls of Longinotti will not have to repeat the mistakes made on the two networks suffered. Two distractions that have thwarted Serra's goal and that could weigh a lot. With today's three points, however, the Franciacorta secures the fourth place in the standings.
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