Ranking Scorers - Serie B group A

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After a couple of games in white Nembrini just once against Spezia to sign a shotgun and touch 20 share making a vacuum behind him. At fourteen Calà reaches Pappalardo and Villivà, while at twelve Gritti reaches his partner Previtali. A step further back are Allena and Xaxhiaj, in a draw in a draw with Aosta who has his pair Aresu and Baccaro at ten. The other double of the day brings the signing of Tosi del Mozzanica in the big win against Spezia. Ranking: 20 networks: Nembrini (Mozzanica) 14 networks: Pappalardo (Bogliasco), Calà (Juventus), Villivà (Multedo) 12 networks: Previtali and Gritti (Brescia) 11 networks: Xaxhiaj (Franciacorta), Allena (Juventus) 10 networks: Aresu and Baccaro (Quart) 9 networks: Sacco (Levante) 8 networks: Busi (Brescia), Deiana (Alghero) 7 networks: Uras (Alghero), Marcolin (Brescia), Profumo (Multedo), Boniface (Quart), Angelini (Sarzanese) 6 networks: Boggero (Multedo) 5 networks: Luciano (Fossano), Gallo (Juventus), Mammana, Bianchessi and Pasinetti (Mozzanica), Peak (Sarzanese) 4 networks: 11 players 3 networks: 10 players 2 networks: 22 players 1 network: 33 players Autoreti: 6
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