Ranking Scorers - Serie B group A

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Nembrini proceeds with alternating current, dry Sunday in the victory on the Levant, but luckily behind them they do not do much better. Villivà breaks the fast with a double and rises to second place, a little further behind the Brescia Previtali and Gritti, respectively one and two goals in the 5-0 trimmed to Bogliasco, approaching the podium. Double also for Baccaro del Quart which reaches double figures; a goal apiece instead for the couple Deiana and Uras dell'Alghero who put their signature in the 4-1 inflicted to Juventus. Ranking: 18 networks: Nembrini (Mozzanica) 14 networks: Pappalardo (Bogliasco), Villivà (Multedo) 13 networks: Calà (Juventus) 12 networks: Previtali (Brescia) 11 networks: Gritti (Brescia), Allena (Juventus) 10 networks: Xaxhiaj (Franciacorta), Baccaro (Quart) 9 networks: Sacco (Levante), Aresu (Quart) 8 networks: Deiana (Alghero), Busi (Brescia) 7 networks: Uras (Alghero), Profumo (Multedo), Boniface (Quart), Angelini (Sarzanese) 6 networks: Marcolin (Brescia), Boggero (Multedo) 5 networks: Luciano (Fossano), Gallo (Juventus), Mammana and Pasinetti (Mozzanica), Picco (Sarzanese) 4 networks: 12 players 3 networks: 7 players 2 networks: 20 players 1 network: 36 players Autoreti: 6
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