Scorers ranking - Serie B girone A

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A wild Previtali signs a hat-trick in the derby with the Mozzanica that the leaders Brescia wins for 5-0. Among the first is only Calà of Juventus, but its network is not enough to beat the Sarzanese. Two day double shots signed in the same game, useless that of Librandi del Bogliasco, Zonza instead approaches the Alghero to salvation. Ranking: 18 networks: Nembrini (Mozzanica) 14 networks: Pappalardo (Bogliasco) 13 networks: Calà (Juventus) 12 networks: Villivà (Multedo) 11 networks: Previtali (Brescia), Allena (Juventus) 10 networks: Xaxhiaj (Franciacorta) 9 networks: Gritti (Brescia), Sacco (Levante), Aresu (Quart) 8 networks: Busi (Brescia), Baccaro (Quart) 7 networks: Deiana (Alghero), Boniface (Quart), Angelini (Sarzanese) 6 networks: Uras (Alghero), Boggero and Profumo (Multedo) 5 networks: Marcolin (Brescia), Luciano (Fossano), Mammana (Mozzanica), Peak (Sarzanese) 4 networks: 11 players 3 networks: 9 players 2 networks: 17 players 1 network: 39 players Autoreti: 6
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