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La Spezia from the mathematical goodbye to the series B with a defeat at Multedo five days after the end of the season and three years from the promotion achieved against the Genoese grenade. For the Multedo a game under tone with many, too many goals wrong but bad news end here: in fact the neighborhood of Mozzanica and Juventus favor the grenade in view of the sprint for the posts behind the unreachable leader Brescia and also the recovery di Drago recover smoothly, although she too has become the protagonist of some gross errors in the door but alternating with high-class cues. Sunday the Multedo will try to prevent Brescia access to the final stage of the Italian cup: the company seems titanic but the girls will try until the 90 ° to put in difficulty the Bresciana team that must overturn the 1-0 of the first leg. The game is without history and in the end the result of 1-0 is the consequence of the repetitive errors of the grenade that at least in 10 occasions waste in front of Nelli. The Multedo comes with an offensive 3-4-3 which is answered by a spice all dedicated to the defensive: in the first half 10 players often counted players in the half-court defense host. The Multedo does not use the bands to get around the defense and the first half ends with only (!) Four sensational opportunities for the landlords: at the 10 'Boggero pulls a little to the side from a good position, at the 17' Rullo leaves a diagonal from the right that shaves the pole, the 29 'Perfume is released well on the left front of attack but the shot is miraculously saved in corner by Nelli, the 37' Pintus cincischia subnet and is stopped by the defense. At the beginning of recovery, the clubs unlock the result: beautiful action on the right of Germani who after exchanging with Merler center and on the developments of the Pintus action finds the right glimmer. The Spezia now opens to seek the same but does not produce opportunities and is exposed to the counterattack of the shell: good for them that Nelli on at least two occasions (shots of Merler and Profumo) is exceeded. For the rest is a list of missed opportunities from Multedo with Ferrini that on three occasions does not frame, with Drago who has a very rare in front of Nelli tries to climb it with a lob that ends up instead of looking for the simple touch that probably would have had more luck. MULTEDO 1930 CF: Hyacinth, Ballet, Merler, Germani, Rogina, Laura (69 'Rapetti), Perfume, Boggero, Roller (60' Drago), Pintus, Ferrini - Coach: Alfonso Frullo SPEZIA CF: Nelli, Marchi, Fantoni, Agliani , Gasperini, Beghé, Ros, Barbieri Su., Tonelli, Alberti, Baldi Santocchi - Coach: Sabrina Cardini Referee: * Bianchi (Novi Ligure) Networks: 50 'Pintus (M)
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