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Nembrini always more? alone in command, Villiv? and Pappalardo do not take the step forward of the Mozzanica that punctually? went in goal in the victory against Bogliasco. Behind the head trio, Xaxhiaj reaches a height of eight Baccaro while immediately behind Cal? author of a double that allows Juventus to draw against the Quart. Double for Uras dell'Alghero who wins in the Levante home for 3-0. . 14 networks: Nembrini (Mozzanica) 12 networks: Pappalardo (Bogliasco) and Villiv? (Multedo) 8 networks: Xaxhiaj (Franciacorta) and Baccaro (Quart) 7 networks: Cal? (Juventus) 6 networks: Previtali, Gritti (Brescia) and Aresu (Quart) 5 networks: Uras (Alghero), Busi (Brescia), Luciano (Fossano) and Sacco (Levante) 4 networks: 2 players 3 networks: 11 players 2 networks: 14 players 1 network: 40 players Autoreti: 3
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