Friday, February 28 2020
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BRESCIA - SARZANESE 2-0 Brescia - The Women's Brescia closed the first round of the Serie B championship by beating for 2-0, a goal in time, at home the Sarzanese remaining so? at the top of the standings at 24 points while the Mozzanica also winner? second at a length while the Multedo defeated at home by the Fossano now? always third but four points from Brescia. In short, as expected on the eve of the championship for the final victory will be? a fratricidal fight between Brescia and the Mozzanica with Tammeo and companions that in addition to having a point of advantage in the return will also have a direct clash at home against the "cousins" of Bergamo. Returning to the race against Sarzanese, valid as 11ma championship day, mister Ilaria Rivola must do without initially Busi, Previtali and Antonelli but the wide rose at his disposal and excellent work does not complicate his life by showing once again the excellent shopping season this season. For the record, the strong part of Brescia immediately looking for the advantage with Marcolin who at 4 'head touches the goal but the network? postponed only four minutes when the same Venetian striker with a great shot at the intersection puts the 1-0 for the biancazzurre. In the following minutes the Brescia on the wings of the advantage obtained seeks the doubling but without luck first with Gritti and then with Vezzoli. Only at the 20 'is the Sarzanese that with a nice shot by Anglini touches the crossbar. At the 26 'Dapor launches deep? Gritti but the exit of the opposing goalkeeper denies the possibility? of the 2-0 to the attacker. At the 35 'c'? I also work for the extreme local Cavagna, which is a great insidious punishment by Daidone. From here to the end of the first half it does not happen anymore? nothing and at the interval you go to rest with a Brescia not too bright but deserving of the slightest advantage given the numerous scoring opportunities created and few risks suffered behind. In the second half a few emotions in the first quarter of an hour until then Gritti 19 'doubles for Brescia thanks to a great volley. Now the race? downhill for Brescia that strong double advantage administers by immediately touching the 3-0 but the turn of Gritti 23 'hits the intersection of the poles then the ball goes through the mirror of the door with Dapor trying to reiterate the ball on the net but the cry of the goal remains in the throat of all the Brescia entourage why? Nardi with a feline leap avoids capitulation. Brescia opts for the spin of substitutions with Busi and Antonelli that make the team even more? square and the opportunities for the blue and white tris floccano but Busi, Vezzoli and Antonelli just before the final whistle are not lucky in the conclusions. Does 2-0 end for Brescia on next Sunday? on the first day of return to Chiavari the Levante which? penultimate in the standings but we remember that the first leg? 1-1. Brescia: Cavagna, Tammeo, Pietracci, Bonzanni, Marini, Vezzoli, Oberlechner (28'st Busi), Gamba, Gritti, Dapor (39'st Veronelli), Marcolin (17'st Antonelli). All. Rivola Sarzanese: Nardi, Liberators, Stelli, Mazzoni, Bondielli (14'st Gigli 35'st Zanili), Daidone, Rossi (30'st Della Monica), Maggiani, Picco. Anglini, Bertoncini. All. Nista Referee: Molesini di Cremona Networks: 8'pt Marcolin, 19'st Gritti di Adriano Gilardi
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