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Continue the Multedo crisis that is saved only in the final on the field of a difficult but certainly irresistible Sarzanese. Now the Multedo seems a distant relative of the one admired in the first part of the season but is still clinging to the head train more? for demerits of others than for the results obtained in the last period. It remains only to wish for the amaranth fans that this is just a period of tarnish and that from next Sunday start winning again because? only a victory against a Fossano in great shape would allow us to continue to dream of a top league. At the 4? landlord immediately took advantage of a? raid on the band of Liberati serving Angelici, able to serve Maggiano that from the edge with a precise low shot initializes the? 1-0. At the 10? still dangerous Sarzanese but Angelici does not hit the door from a favorable position. In the second half? of time the Multedo grows but never manages to become really dangerous. In the recovery, the pressure of the Multedo grows and only some excellent interventions by Nardi on the initiatives of a Merler, finally recovered, are able to avoid the guest draw. At the 74? Picco has the ball of the 2-0 but his diagonal touches the post and five minutes later the Multedo finds the equal thanks to Villiva? which collects an assist from the bottom of Ferrini and head deflects online. In the final one more? opportunity for Picco who kicks to the side on the exit of Giacinto. SARZANESE CF: Nardi, Liberators (80 'Baldini), Stelli, Gigli, Bondielli (72' Picco), Daidone, Bertoncini, Maggiani, Rossi, Angelini, Mazzoni - Coach: Fabrizio Nista MULTEDO 1930 CF: Rogina (46 'Hyacinth), Sulfaro, De Madre (55 'Balletto), Rapetti, Rogina, Pintus, Perfume (60' Boggero), Merler, Villiv ?, Germani, Ferrini - Coach: Alfonso Ferullo Networks: 4 'Maggiani (S), 81' Villiv? (M)
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