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After the decent performance shown away a week ago, Franciacorta begins to collect points that count. At home against Aosta the Franciacortine win with the clear score of 4-2 convincing in terms of the game, brilliant especially in the second half. In the fourth hour of the first half Haxjhai gave Marino Zanetti's girls the lead after a triangulation by applauses with Colombi and Neotti: impregnable low shot and 1-0. A few minutes later draws the Aosta Valley with Aresu from the spot for the usual penalty against, then the turnaround: Franciacorta loses for a moment the concentration and Aosta that goes ahead with Boniface, who bags from a fabulous position. In the second half the Brescia show grit and heart as they know how to do and the 15? they match the meeting with Haxjhai after an action set by Colombi and Tiburzio. At the 35? cross from the right of a today unleashed Tiburzio that favors the authority of Crivella and paves the way to success. In full recovery? the new entry Poinelli to win an important ball and then bag behind De Biagi for the fourth FRANCIACORTA: Lazzaretti, Pellizzari, Katia Scalvini, Tiburzio, Sandrini, Mondini, Neotti, Bonometti, Facchetti (25? st Poinelli), Haxjhai, Colombi (35? St Cappellini). Coach: Marino Zanetti. AOSTA VIOLETTE: De Biagi, Sainato, Piccot, Crivella, Boniface, Pietti, Glarey (25? St Poli), Iocallaz (20? St Curioso), Rosito (30? St Cuoghi), Aresu, Baccaro. Coach: Giovetti. REFEREE: Butera di Bergamo. NETWORKS: 15? pt and 15? st Haxjhai, 18? pt penalty Aresu, 40? pt Boniface, 35? st you author Crivella, 47? st Poinelli.
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