Levante - Sarzanese 1 - 0

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Decide Sacco after five minutes, then between Levante and Sarzanese no longer happens? nothing: s Network: 5 'Sacco. LEVANTE: Piola, Pascale, Sartelli, Conigliaro, Carino, Belloni, Sacco, Balbi (46 'Picone), Carrano (83' Rosati), Roots, Nappi (70 'Mei). A disp .: Stranieri, Serra, Massa. All. Macelloni SARZANESE: Nardi, Liberators, Stelli, Maggiani, Gigli (80 'Rossi), Daidone, Bertoncini, Baldini, Picco, Angelini, Mazzoni. Available: Boldielli, Della Monica, Parentini. All. Nista Referee: De Lorenzo Ammonite: Sacco and Sartelli (L); Gigli, Angelini, Rossi and Picco (S). Expelled: 94 'Picone (L). Chiavari. A goal after a few minutes usually? the prelude to a lively competition, and instead between Levante and Sarzanese? exactly the opposite happened. Too important the three points for the Chiavari that after having gone ahead to 5 'with a precise header of Sacco, they thought more? to neutralize the opponents that to look for the second net. The Sarzanese, on the other hand, did not react immediately, being careful not to lend her side to the opponent's counter-attack. The match was so? blocked, with their respective defenses that looked like two rubber walls against which the rare attempts to offend bounced off. A central punishment by Daidone and a couple of shots without too many claims by Angelini for the Sarzanese; a conclusion just outside of Carino and a nice counterattack not finalized by Nappi for the Levante: the first half? that's all. Back in the field, a novelty? in the Levante files: Macelloni inserts Picone for Balbi looking for more? incisivit? in midfield, but will not change? very. On the other hand, the Sarzanese seems to have decided, finally, that? the time to look for a draw, but the ardor goes off soon: a couple of mischieves in front of Piola, on which Pascale and her companions guard well, then they return to yawn. The only news is the return to the 70 'field of Mei after the knee injury suffered a little more? a year ago and the network canceled at 83 'in Picco that was good at deflecting the conclusion of Bertoncini, but his position was irregular. In the end a p? the spirits, the referee began to extract cards and to pay the cost was Picone who was expelled in the recovery for a second yellow card. 1-0 was, and 1-0? remained until the end, with the Levante that holds the three points with which it overrides the Sarzanese but does not improve much the ranking, which remains very short; in fact, from the penultimate to the fifth, in only two points are contained seven teams. Alla Sarzanese, also seen the other results of the day, is definitely the regret of not having dared something more.
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