Friday, February 28 2020
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Turin? Still the Women's Brescia wins by winning the Juventus field, 2-1 the final result, in the eighth day of Serie B. The girls of Mr. Rivola thanks to the fifth consecutive victory rise to share 17 points always behind two lengths from the Multedo leaders. The Brescia unlike the last races did not produce the usual airy game but perhaps the credit should also be given to the excellent opponent encountered in this race. In short, the biancazzurra team continues undaunted to travel a thousand to try to reach the finish line in May called A2. For the record the race takes place in a plant used as a construction site certainly not at the height of the importance of the match. Brescia starts well that in a couple of circumstances becomes dangerous but without precision as in the occasion at the 20? of Marcolin while first Gritti and Marcolin are seen parry the respective shots by the local goalkeeper. Juventus is only alive around half an hour with Cavagna called twice to avoid the capitulation with the extreme Brescia on the shields. It seems that the race is making difficult for Brescia but the biancazzurre with merit find the advantage: manual action Marcolin in the band serves Gritti that from the bottom with precise cross fishing in the Oberlechner area that of dish shoves the 1-0. Juventus is not there and immediately seeks the same but only at the end it becomes dangerous but Bonzanni on the line saves his companions from the capitulation and so? you go to rest on the? 1-0 for Brescia. In the second half Juventus seems more? aggressive but? still the Brescia to become dangerous with Gritti that with a personal action touches the doubling but Pagliassotto puts in corner. In the following minutes, Brescia has three good chances on the net with Marcolin and Busi, twice, but the home side? very good at avoiding worse problems for the Bianconeri and so? the score does not change. Often as happens in football, unwritten laws but that s? Come true, from the wrong goal to the goal immediately the step? short and so? at the 28? the new entrance Allena exudes of impetus Bonzanni and Marini and with a precise right puts the Juventus draw. The Brescia point in the pride does not want a draw but seek victory at all costs throwing headlong forward risking to leave room for counterattacks to the owners but at the 35? Expect them, still you, - for now a season to frame her? served by Marini with a sumptuous lob marks the 2-1 for Brescia. At the end Cavagna with the help of the crossbar saves from a mocking cross shot by Curti. It ends 2-1 for the Brescia that celebrates cos? another victory and makes all the entourage bresciano happy for these three points, also because? beat Juventus, the team name says it all, and for more? away is always a great pleasure. In the next round of the championship, ninth day, before the Christmas break, Brescia will face? Sunday at home the Fossano Virus. Juventus: Pagliassotto, Franzero, Ferando, Marono (30? St Losardo), Bisogno, Gallo (35? St Toffetti), Marino, Squiccimarra (15? St Allena), Oggero, Curti, Cala. All. Fandella Brescia: Cavagna, Tammeo, Previtali, Marini, Bonzanni, Vezzoli, Pietracci, Oberlechner, Gritti, Busi, Marcolin (25? St Antonelli) All. Rivola Referee: Turin Collesei Networks: 35? Pt Oberlechner, 28? St Allena, 38? St Previtali by Adriano Gilardi
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