Scorers ranking - Serie B girone a

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Still in goal Villiv ?, bomber of Multedo capoclassifica, which reaches the share of 10, but behind him check Baccaro that falls a very high poker Quart win against the Spice. Nembrini continues to climb, reaching a height of six Pappalardo. Also worthy of mention are the doubles of Aresu del Quart and Boggero del Multedo. 10 networks: Villiv? (Multedo). 7 networks: Baccaro (Quart). 6 networks: Pappalardo (Bogliasco), Nembrini L. (Mozzanica). 5 networks: Xaxhiaj (Franciacorta), Aresu (Quart). 4 networks: Previtali and Busi (Brescia), Sacco (Levante). 3 networks: Gritti (Brescia), Luciano (Fossano), Cal (Juventus), Profumo and Boggero (Multedo), Rosito (Quart), Angelini (Sarzanese). 2 networks: 14 players 1 network: 35 players
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