Asd Ludos Palermo - Riozzese 0-2

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ASD LUDOS PALERMO DEFEATED AT HOME FROM THE RIOZZESE FOR 2-0 DECIDE THE MEETING OF THE NETWORKS OF THE SMALL AND BILIATO LOMBARDE In the seventh day of the Serie A / 2 women's soccer championship (Group A) l? Asd Ludos Palermo surrenders within the friendly walls of the Fincantieri alla Riozzese field. The Lombards win for 2-0 due to the networks made by Piccino to 47? and Biliato at 67 ?. The ASD LUDOS PALERMO scoreboard? RIOZZESE 0-2 NETWORKS: 47? Baby, 67? Biliato ASD LUDOS PALERMO: Tusa; Flower, Scalici, Abbasta, Marquis (54? Constance); Orlando, Gammicchia, Span ?, Granato (68? Simone); Buttaccio, Patti. Available Reina, Ciranna. Coach Massimiliano Osman. RIOZZESE: Ventura; Pignedoli, Tonani, Pivi, Sironi F .; Asperti, Carpino, Dandolfo (78? Sironi L.), Biliato (70? Mecozzi); Perini, Piccino (75? Pitch). Bonini available. Giovanni Lanzani trainer. REFEREE: Cristian Valerio of Messina. Assistants Gianluca Riela and Antonino Ruggeri of Palermo. NOTES: Sunny day, clay court. 1-5 corners. 0 Recovery? pt and 2? st. The first goal ball happens at the 22? on the feet of Piccino: the player from Riozzese, well served by Perini, shoots high from the edge of the small area. One minute more? late ? still Piccino pulling from the edge of the area, but Tusa? careful and not surprising. At the 42? we still try the Riozzese with a nice combination between Carpino and Perini with the latter ending above the crossbar. At the start of the second half the guest players with Piccino are going to win. The 11 number of the Riozzese, well served by Perini, exceeds Tusa with a soft touch of the right exterior. At the 54? shows Asd Ludos Palermo with Orlando in the middle of a forest of legs can touch the ball with the tip of his right foot, but can not find the door by putting a little to the side. At the 62? you still see Piccino with a shot from the left, the ball is deflected but? very good Tusa in two stages to avoid the goal. At the 67? La Riozzese is doubled with a mischievous cross from the left of Biliato that ends its trajectory on the net. In the circumstances Tusa manages to scare, but not to avoid the network. At the 71? the guests go close to the third goal with Carpino, who hits the pole to the left of the extreme defender of the palermitane. All? 88? Di Fiore's long raise that puts the ball on the run of Buttaccio, the bomber overcomes the goalkeeper with a lob, but misses the door very little. At the 91? the unlucky day of the Asd Ludos Palermo is realized with a nice personal action of Buttaccio that jumps in a dribbling opponent and with an almost perfect lob hits the crossbar in full. In the next round the Asd Ludos Palermo will be? engaged in the stracittadina on the field of the Eagles. Palermo, 3 December 2006 L? Press Officer Valerio Tripi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -
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