Friday, February 28 2020
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Cute magic from three points and the Levant back to victory, the Fossano recriminates for expulsion. Networks: 34 'Luciano (F), 38' Sacco (L) rig., 63 'Cute (L) LEVANTE: Piola, Pascale, Sartelli, Condidorio, Carino, Belloni, Sacco, Picasso, Carrano, Roots, Mass (90' Rivara) (92 'Nappi). Available: Balbi, Picone, Rosati. All. Macelloni FOSSANO: Triolo, Giordano C., Giordano V., Rivetti, Bertoloni, Murialdo, Cobelli, Franchino, Olocco (40 'Monaco), Comino, Luciano (69' Paoletti). Available: Bruno, Massimino, Viale, Di Pietro. All. Quinterno Referee: Giangreco Ammonite: Rivetti, Giordano V., Monaco (F). Expelled: 37 'Giordano C. (F) Chiavari. The Levante must work hard to get the best of a Fossano that, although reduced to ten for almost an hour, has held the field well and deserved to bring home a point. The decisive episode happens at 37 'when Giordano C. falls in the area Carino, the referee decrees the penalty (right) and the expulsion of the defender (excessive). From the disk transforms Sacco reporting the result in equal measure; four minutes before, in fact, the guests had gone ahead with Luciano able to surprise the defense on the precise launch of Cobelli and overcome Piola right. The race that in the first half hour had been quite boring, a shot from the distance of Radici to 15 'a little to the side and Luciano from a good position weakly kicked the 29' the only chills, change face. The Fossano withdraws a few meters, but without being crushed, Quinterno takes off the tip of Olocco for Monaco and in this way, thanks to Luciano that front alone department, prevents the Levante to take the upper hand in midfield. In the second half, however, we expect an Levante to assault to make its three important points for the ranking and instead? the Fossano to be more? incisively. Like the 53 'when Luciano still frees himself in the Chiavari area but his diagonal ends at the side of a couple of meters. The Levante can not find the measure of the steps once it arrives on the opposing trocar, but at the 63 'a feat of Carino got his companions out of trouble: directly from the corner the external draws a precise parable that surprises Triolo and bagged on the far post for the goal of the 2-1. The Fossano accuses the blow and as if it were not enough for the 69 'loses its best player, Luciano, who has the worst in a fight with Pascale and? forced to leave the field. At this point, the guests are discovered by generously trying to reach the balance, but in the last twenty minutes the Levante becomes the owner of the field and more? of an occasion could close the race but to miss it continues to be the last step. Would the 3-1 be for? It was too heavy for a Fossano that fight generously until the end but without the strength necessary to impose on the door defended by Piola. Three important points for the Levante with which the girls of Mr. Macelloni hook Alghero and Franciacorta for a ranking, Spezia apart, more and more? short that sees ten teams in the space of four points.
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