Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Superb Campaign wins against the Vintl

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At the last of the championship the Graphistudio Campaign hooks the top of the standings by beating the Vintl leaders for 2 to 1. Twenty-two races were not enough to establish who the winning team in Group B was. On the last day of the championship in fact, the Graphistudio Campagna has hooked the top of the standings, beating, in a direct confrontation, the leaders Vintl, with a result of 2 to 1. Therefore, in order to establish the primacy of the tournament, the two teams will have to face each other in a further challenge, which will be held in a date and place yet to be decided. Another ninety minutes, then, to caress the dream A2 for the girls of the technical Fonzari, who yesterday won a victory so sweaty when deserved, because in the end, it was the heart that prevailed over everyone and drag the landlords to success. After a few minutes of study, it is the Campaign to be dangerous first to the 6 'with Sedonati who, from the right, puts the ball in the middle of the opponent's area. Del Fabbro pounces on the ball, from the limit, tries the conclusion, out of little. The Vintl is struggling to enter the game, but, at the 30 ', goes close to the advantage with Lechner who, facilitated by a favorable rebound, tries the shot. But Miani is good, to intervene on the ball. At this point, the Graphistudio took over the reins of the game and, at the 34 ', the Friulians seem to relive the scene that, last Sunday, had given them the victory against San Martino. Sedated, already decisive seven days ago, is landed in the area. Without hesitating, the referee grants the penalty kick in favor of the premises, whose shot is taken by the same center manager from Maniago, who is not mistaken, signing the 1 to 0. The doubling does not wait long and, at 42 ', Josè from the right sends the ball into the opponent's area. Paoletti, head, hit the crossbar, but on the rebound he pounced on Delli Zotti who, on the right, packed the ball. After a first half managed almost exclusively by the Campaign, in the second half the game becomes more balanced and the Vintl begins to show itself more in the offensive phase. Like the 9 ', when Tonelli, manages to evade the defense of the house and, alone at the door, tries to end, however, parade by Miani. The guests manage to shorten the distances to the 21 'when, Sedonati lands in the Amplatz area. On the disk the South Tyrolean number one is presented, Krautgartner, who realizes the 2 to 1. At this point the Vintl tries everything for everything, but, in spite of the evident tiredness, the Graphistudio does not give up and, at the triple whistle, it is only a party in the Maniago house. A challenge that was difficult to forget yesterday, even for the public who came to the Vajont field. Such a combination of grit, good game and, above all, so much heart, you could only dream of, but in the end, the Graphistudio has done it, has won its challenge and has reached the first place in the standings. GRAPHISTUIO CAMPAIGN 2 VINTL 1 GRAPHISTUDIO CAMPAIGN: Miani, Pezzutti, Colle, Pizzin, Marchiò, Delli Zotti, Sedonati (80 'Di Bernardo), Salvestrin, Del Fabbro (Giordani), Josè, Paoletti (Fabbro) Coach: Chiara Fonzari VINTL: Krautgartner , Schwingshackel, Girardelli (Uberegger), Leoni, Steiner, Steinhouser, Warger, Steinmaier, Tonelli, Amplatz, Lechner - Coach: Maurinho Ernandes REFEREE: Iseppi di Maniago. MARKERS: At 34 'Sedonati su rig., At 42' Delli Zotti; in the second half at the 21 'Krautgartner on the rig.
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