Thursday, January 12th
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The Graphistudio Campagna beats the San Martino

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Graphistudio Campagna beats San Martino and the dream promotion continues SAN MARTINO 0 GRAPHISTUDIO CAMPAIGN 1 SAN MARTINO: From the Vedove, Zanoni, Ciman, Faccioli (70 'Marin), Carradore, Perobello, Agresti, Galvan, Perobello (59' Roncari), Dal Dosso , Salzburg GRAPHISTUDIO CAMPAGNA: Miani, Pezzutti, Colle T., Pizzin (95 'Del Mistro), Marchiò, Delli Zotti, Sedonati, Salvestrin, Del Fabbro (75' Giordani D.), Josè, Paoletti (57 'Fabbro) - Coach : Chiara Fonzari ARBITRATOR: Goldin of Vicenza NETWORKS: In the second half, at 93 'Sedonati su rig. AMMONITE: Dal Dosso, Perobello (S), Fabbro (G) With a measured victory over the Venetian formation of San Martino, the Graphistudio Campagna can continue to dream of the A2 series. 1 is over at 0 for the maniaghesi the game that this afternoon saw the women of the Fonzari technician, confront the team of Verona, sixth strength of the championship. A game not beautiful from the point of view of the game, but certainly compelling for many networking opportunities created, especially by the Knives. And in the end, it does not matter if the different scoring attempts could be exploited better, because the important thing today was to win and the Campaign had its goal. Determinant turned out to be the penalty turned into the net by the player Sedonati to 93 ', thanks to which, the Friulians will play, next Sunday, the chance to reach the playoff against the leaders Vintl, winning in the field of Belluno. The race starts from the beginning under the sign of the guests who, at 1 ', try the first shot on goal with Josè. On conclusion, however, the local number one intervenes, which saves the result. After several attempts, the 20 'is Delli Zotti to exploit a counter-attack and to realize the 1 0 for the Graphistudio, but, you see the goal to cancel an alleged offside. In the second half the register does not change. The Pordenone desperately seek the goal, but without being able to hit the mirror of the door, while the landlords prove to be good at managing the 0 0, but not very incisive offensive. At 93 ', however, when the game seemed to be nailed on the tie, the maniaghesi hook the victory with a penalty procured and, later, transformed by the decisive Sedonati. A goal that is worth a dream in A2.
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