The Graphistudio Campagna wins again

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An uncontainable Graphistudio Campagna wins again VALBRUNA VICENZA 1 GRAPHISTUDIO CAMPAIGN 4 VALBRUNA: Ambrosi, Cedolini, Zordan, Giansanti (80 'Steccanella), Lobbia, Dessoghe, Agresti, Nieri (46' Fileni), Santa Caterina, Fontana (70 'Miotto) , Troiano - Coach: Giuseppe Mecenero GRAPHISTDUIO: Miani, Pezzutti, Colle T., Marchiò, Giordani D., Delli Zotti, Sedonati (70 'Di Bernardo G.), Salvestrin, Del Fabbro, Josè, Paoletti (61' Vattolo) - Coach: Chiara Fonzari ARBITRATOR: Salvatore Stenato NETWORKS: 5 'Sedonati (G), 30' Paoletti (G), 55 'Fabbro (G), 70' Delli Zotti (G), 85 'Trojan (V) AMMONITE: Lobbia, Troiano (V), Salvestrin (G) This is a Graphistudio that gives show. At the end of ninety minutes played in an excellent way in fact, were the maniaghesi to win the big match of the week against Valbruna Vicenza, direct contender for the first place in Group B. The women of the Fonzari technician in fact, they beat the opponents with a 4 score to 1, result that keeps them at the head of the group with 43 points in the company of Vintl, winner at home against Vicenza. The referee whistles the start of the race and it is the Valbruna starting immediately with the right foot, putting in difficulty the rearguard host, first with a shot of Santacaterina and then with the conclusion of Troiano, but in both cases proved to be determinants of the interventions of the number one, Miani. After this brilliant start of the premises, at the 10 'is however, the Graphistudio to find the right flicker to take the lead: precise cross of Giordani and volley of Sedonati, which centers the mirror of the door. Just five minutes pass and Paoletti, on Josè's cross, scores the 2 at 0 for the guests. The first time he recorded a timid reaction of Valbruna, which however does not create major dangers to the rearguard of Friuli, and a cross centered by Delli Zotti. After a start in favor of the landlords, even in the second half the Graphistudio Campagna takes over the reins of the game, often showing itself in the opposing half. The 0 3 network does not wait long and, at the 13 ', Sedonati suggests for Fabbro that the goal is scored. After several attempts, at half an hour the maniaghesi score poker with Delli Zotti, who only a few minutes before, had hit the post. The game ends practically here and in the final, there is just enough time for the goal of the opponents' flag that bears the signature of the player Troiano. "I'm really happy with the games I've been used to seeing from my team lately -; commented the maniago technician, Chiara Fonzari at the end of the match - today, we knew that Valbruna would have pressed us a lot especially at the start, but I know the value of my group and I was convinced that we could win the victory ".
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