Saturday, February 22 2020
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Graphistudio Campaign returns: Sunday awaits the Italian Cup

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At the start of the new season of Graphistudio Campagna, which will be Sunday? engaged in the challenge against Rivignano for the first day of the Italian Cup [feu] After a well deserved rest at the end of a very challenging championship like the one of the past season, and the hard work imposed by the trainer Chiara Fonzari during the summer, to find again the best form, the Graphistudio Campagna? now ready to return to the field to face the Rivignano colleagues on Sunday. First official commitment then, for the company? of via dei Venier that challenge? the Udinese team in a match valid for qualifying for the next round of the Italian women's soccer Cup. The match, which will be played? next Sunday 10 September in the field of Via dello Stadio at 15, will you? especially to the trainer Fonzari, to assess the conditions of its players in view of the imminent start of the season. A little taste of there? that one might expect from the Campaign in the next season anyway, yes? seen during the friday friendly last against the Gorizia of Farra. In that occasion, the people from Pordenone beat their opponents with a result of 9 at 2, sending players like Paoletti, Jos ?, Sedonati and Chiappolino, down? notes for their important networks made in the past seasons, and Pizzin, new face for the fans of Maniago that, during the race on Friday? highlighting a splendid shotgun. Among the unavailable Sunday is the name of Del Fabbro, absent momentarily for personal reasons, while the player Pamela Domini, gave a few days ago the announcement of his departure to continue his football career with the team of Trasaghis.
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