Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Birone Series E

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Down the curtain on the cadet championship of the fair sex. With the twenty-second and last day of B also goes for the season '06-'07 distinguished, in group E, by an infinite duel at the top. In the last ninety minutes the two remaining verdicts have been assigned: promotion in A-2 and the third relegated in C. Speech highs, in fact, resolved seven days before in the direct clash, as well as Lazio derby, with the victory of Roma on the Sezze for 2 to 0. Setine that despite a flawless conduct of the tournament have paid dearly the big-match season. Between capitoline and setine was an endless challenge throughout the year and given the constant trend compared to the other suitors both would have deserved the climb to the upper category. In the end, for just two advantageous segments, Rome got the better of Sezze and nothing was worth a last round too obvious. On the other hand, the setins have overtaken the Pontecagnano with a round eight to zero on the last day. The Roman, however, have taken the field of Cinderella Marsala, relegated for several weeks, for six to one. Hope of the setine that already on the eve was utopia even if in football sometimes the twists were not missed. The trip to Rome turned out to be a health walk and the festivities took place on the island's grounds, which will surely continue for a few weeks while the Sezze will cross the fingers for a possible repechage. Without a playoff, in fact, the only hope remains the repechage and with the hope that even in this women's football division can land the necessary post-season appendices to give more salt to this competition. Division of the female tread that in group E has grown this year species in quality. End of this grouping cadet rose where they were averted also propitious play-offs in the single race both in the head and in the queue. The salvation chapter, in fact, has been resolved to the detriment of the Pontecagnano, ruinous fall right on the playing field of Sezze, which together with Pro Reggina 97 and Marsala recedes into C. For the pontecagnanesi there could not be a worse transfer to the last round while to grab the permanence was the Juve Stabia despite the failure in the umpteenth vintage derby all in Campania. Stabiesi outside the home and in the presence of the strong revelation Calciosmania Napoli lost for 4 to 1. Vespe stabiesi, however, happy and joyful of salvation caught only one point compared to Pontecagnano. The other challenges, however, have seen Lazio-Colonna and Salernitana-Cus Cosenza (networks of Aloe and Gencarelli for the cussine) in both cases do not go beyond two to two while the Pro Reggina 97 on the neutral Torregrotta, due to disqualification of amaranth, suffered the defeat at the hands of the San Emidio for three to zero. Club of the strait that after a very old season thinks of the future and a quick return among the cadets. You will have to start from ambitions and youth sector as well as for Cus Cosenza that despite a tiring season, however, has managed to make at least its salvation. Company bruzia that for the future will not only confirm a large part of the already tested group but also invest in the forge junior. And while the cadet championship goes on holiday between projects, riasetti and the market in the series of championships in Calabria, we are heading towards the decisive phase. On the sixth general day (before the return), played yesterday, the super favorite leaders of the Unione delle Valli passed in Fagnano, in the clash at the top, the Sellia Marina for 5 at 0. In the other race Mater Domini was beaten at home for 6 to 1 by Mottafollone while Camigliatello observed a rest. In the standings he led the UdV with 15 points, at 9 the Sellia Marina, Camigliatello and and Mottafollone at 4 and Mater Domini 3. Next round, Sunday 27 May (16 hours: 00) for the second return are scheduled Camigliatello-Union of the Valleys and Sellia Marina-Mater Domini while the Mottafollone will rest. Cristian Fiorentino
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