Hidrotec Pontecagnano: Picentine humiliated in Sezze (8-0) who sends them back in series C

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SEZZE (LT) - The first series B championship of the Hidrotec Pontecagnano Femminile closes in the worst possible way. The Picentines, in fact, get humiliated by the Sezze that truncates to the end of the 8 goal and sends it back, after only one year, back into the hell of the regional series C. A very negative year for the team of Via Pompei, which in addition to paying the price of the novitiate also pays some risky choices and poor behavior, mid-season, of his athletes. Sure the Sezze has shown, throughout the arc of the championship, to be a good team but it is unthinkable that a team that you have to save, and so gritty and eager to do well, can be trimmed well 8 networks by a team that Sunday last he lost the championship and, therefore, he had to have the moral under his heels. Coming to the news, it immediately starts badly for the bells. In fact, in less than 10 minutes the Salerno are already under two networks, by Cianci (6 ') and Capponi (8'). The Pontecagnano stays with the head in the locker room and at the 18 'Coletta cala il tris. The first fraction of the game slides slowly towards the end with the Sezze dominating far and wide and the Hidrotec trying to limit damage. In the second half the Lazio spread. The Pontecagnano melts in the sun like an ice cream and for the Sezze begins the festival of goals. At the 63 'opens the Salesi dances, with Testa (66') that follows it in its turn. At the 76 'the usual Coletta to bring the result on the 6-0. It seems over here, but at worst there is never an end. At 81 'Testa signs his personal double and brings the score to the 7-0. The Pontecagnano no longer has the pride to defend and the 87 'undergoes the eighth, and last, network scored by the excellent Coletta. In the coming days, the president Iannuzzo and the administrator Enzo Marano will start planning the next season. Rumors, especially after debaclè in ciociara, speak of a revolution in the club of Picentino with excellent farewells and surprise arrivals. UCF Sezze: Severino, Ciarlo, Castelli Am., Bossi (46 'Vecciarelli), Cortese, Conti, Duo' (51 'Salesi), Capponi E. (67' Tadlaoui), Testa C., Cianci, Coletta - Coach: Manuela Tesse Hidrotec Pontecagnano Femm .: Salsano, Polcari, France, Giant (62 'Concilio), Romano, Bertolini, Desiderio (78' Setaro), Avagliano, Tesoniero, Luongo, Troisi - Coach: Fabio Cocuzza Referee: Sanapo di Formia (Assistants: Carta and Caredda of Formia). Networks: 6 'Cianci (S), 8' Capponi E. (S), 18 'Colette (S), 63' Salesi (S), 66 'Head C. (S), 76' Colette (S), 81 ' Head C. (S), 87 'Coletta (S). Notes: Sunny afternoon. Playground in good condition, 100 spectators around. By the Hidrotec Pontecagnano press office
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