Monday, January 27 2020
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Saturday 1 is played for the Italian Super Cup

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Here we are: here is the first official appointment of the competitive season. Saturday 1 September at 20, at the "Sada Stadium" of Monza (on the field of Fiammamomnza, winner of the last edition), the SuperCoppa Italiana, between Bardolino, Campione d'Italia and the Italian Cup won on penalties , and Turin, who came second in both the events won by the Veronese. The favors of the forecast are all for the Gialloblù, who at the beginning of the month have completed the feat of passing the first round of the women's Champions League. But in a single game the Torino has some chances to play, given that the last confrontation between the two teams, the final return of the Cup to the Ruffini field, saw the grenade assert 3-1 in the 90 'regulations. Surely in the field at Monza the new seasonal entries: all new then the defense with Elisabetta Parodi, Daniela Tavalazzi and Cristina Cassanelli to make department with the veteran Cristina Gangheri, under the direction of the number 1, Rita Caravilla. In midfield Tatiana Zorri will play, the returning Marta Carissimi, Pamela Gueli and Maura Bruno, the other returning Simona Sodini will be the support in attack by Ilaria Pasqui. But the technician Giancarlo Padovan .. he could draw different schemes by arranging his players to try to surprise the most titled formation. It will certainly end in 3-3 draw but the comparison between the former in the field: Tavalazzi, Cassanelli and Pasqui in the ranks of Turin, Sorvillo, Panico and Manieri those in the Verona shirt. For the rest, we wish everyone a beautiful match, spectacular and intense, and closed with the delivery on the field of the trophy by the top of the Women's Football Division. The preparation started in Bardonecchia from 17 to 27 was continued in the week on the fields of Venaria and was all focused on Saturday's game. Two friendly matches played in the scenario of the Olympic mountains: 3-1 on a local male youth training, 2-3 against the old Granata-Juventus Glories, including the president Roberto Salerno and the dg Ferdinando Bozzi. Grazia Cancelliere falls in. Meanwhile, good news: the intentions of abandoning the agonistic activity manifested in June by Maria Grazia Cancelliere have lasted little. The check-up carried out at the physiotherapy center that followed her after the cruciate ligaments and the meniscus operation carried out in spring, gave a more favorable result, giving the go-ahead for a possible return to full competitive activity. So the Turin player got back into the game, starting again with her friends from last Monday in Venaria. In a month it will be possible to see it already in the field. Meanwhile, the test by Alessia D'Ancona continues, which is of interest to the torist technician. On the other hand, the other two aggregates at the Bardonecchia gathering, the Grosseto-based Silvia Sarcoli and the Neapolitan Giusy Miranda, who then returned with their own companies, respectively the Azzurra and Isef Calcio to 5, did not pass the test. Italian Cup in Venaria The first home match of the Italian Cup against Real Canavese of Chivasso is scheduled for Saturday 8 September at 15 in Venaria, on the fields of the "Don Giacomo Mosso" sports center. Championship: postponement to 20 debut The first day of the championship against Atalanta will be played at the "Primo Nebiolo" stadium in Ruffini park on Saturday 15 on September but postponed at 20, due to an athletics event that will take plant in the afternoon. Presentation of the team in the Region Also this year the official presentation of the formation of the first team of Torino will be carried out at the premises of the Piedmont Region, in via Avogadro 30 in Turin (mezzanine floor). The possible date will be announced shortly (indicatively it is assumed Thursday 13 September at 11). Youth Championships While the Primavera training conducted by Roberto Panigari, bi-champion of Italy in the category, began his preparation with the withdrawal in Bardonecchia from 27 to 30 in August, have been defined with the head of the youth sector, Patrizio Cossalter, the other teams that will participate in the various youth championships. This is the picture: 11 beginners (1994): coach Alessandro Bonvegna Debutants at 11 (1995): coach Eraldo Nicco Debutants at 7 (1996): coach Martino Santomauro Pulcine at 6 (1998): coach Gianluca Costantini 2007-2008 Goalkeeper Rita Caravilla 03-04-1972 Clear Seraph 03-12-1989 Defenders Manuela Bosi 13-04-1981 Maria Grace Chancellor 26-07-1982 Cristina Cassanelli 03-07-1974 Francesca Coluccio 01-04-1990 Cristina Gangheri 12-06-1982 Elisabetta Parodi 27-06-1986 Daniela Tavalazzi 08-08-1972 Marta midfielder 03-05-1987 Serena Giuliano 09-03-1989 Pamela Gui 16-03-1990 Silvia Pisano 27-07-1990 Tatiana Zorri 19-10-1977 Attackers Barbara Bonansea 13-06-1991 Brown Maura 14-06-1987 Maria Ilaria Pasqui 13-12-1979 Simona Sodini 21-07-1982 Coach: Giancarlo Padovan 2 ° all. / prep. goalkeepers: Carmelo Roselli athletic trainer: prof. David Chiodo technical collaborator: Roberto Sfriso Massager: Massimiliano Centola medical doctor: dott. Salvatore Cristiani physiotherapy center: Kinesi & Salute - Turin Turin Press Office ACF Torino Bruno Bili 347 / 51.42.057 Paolo Ponti 339 / 24.66.263 Matteo Bozzi 346 / 31.51.545
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