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2007 Super Cup

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SuperCoppa Italiana: Torino "eternal" second Nothing to do: always 11 meters separate the Torino from the conquest of an important trophy. The SuperCoppa Italiana goes to Bardolino, which capitalizes from the spot with Valentina Boni an ingenuity in defense of the young Genoese Elisabetta Parodi, a new summer purchase. But Torino certainly did not give up, honoring the match with a good performance, which only lacked the concretization on the net. The fears of a too wide difference in physical preparation, linked to the different times of preparation of the two teams, proved to be well founded, in terms of race and advance, but in practice Turin has held the field well. , even managing to put in difficulty on some occasions the opponents and recriminating at least on two occasions (Gueli's escape with a shot saved by Brunozzi at the end of the first half and half-shot Gangheri who is seen repelling the shot from close range, after a small melee in the area) net. But even the Bardolino had counterattack some very bad occasions to close the game (error of Gabbiadini sottomisura, then a too hasty Boni from the edge in the second half), then the result basically right, which rewards an exciting season of Verona, arrived at the Great tricolor slam, which deserve to continue the journey in Europe in the UEFA Women's Cup, the Women's Champions, for the good of the whole movement.

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BARDOLINO VERONA WINS ALSO THE SUPERCOPT! THE GREAT SLAM OF THE 2007 'AND SERVED! A RIGOR TRANSFORMED BY VALENTINA BONI BRINGS IN THE LAKE GARDA TO THE THIRD ITALIAN SUPERCOPT. THE BULL SHOULD KEEP ONCE AGAIN AT THE GIALLOBLU '. Fantastic, incredible big slam of Bardolino Verona! After winning the Scudetto and Coppa Italia, the girls wearing the Gialloblù jersey also won the Italian Super Cup, once again defeating Torino, once again forced to bow before the Veronese. In the big game, played on the neutral of the Sada Stadium of Monza in the presence of almost a thousand spectators, gialloblù and grenade have more outlined the saber than the foil, giving rise to an intense and balanced encounter. Teams that are tactically specular in the field, with the grenade technician Giancarlo Padovan who "copies" the tried and tested 4-2-3-1 by Longega adding a massive dose of pressing and agonism. The start of the race is however Bardolino which becomes dangerous within two minutes with the gutters of Tuttino (rescue on the line) and Gabbiadini (high). The Bull responds with the guelty plow that commits Brunozzi brava to reject the subsequent conclusion of Sodini, also fished out. in photo: Valentina Boni (photo Liborio)

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Here we are: here is the first official appointment of the competitive season. Saturday 1 September at 20, at the "Sada Stadium" of Monza (on the field of Fiammamomnza, winner of the last edition), the SuperCoppa Italiana, between Bardolino, Campione d'Italia and the Italian Cup won on penalties , and Turin, who came second in both the events won by the Veronese. The favors of the forecast are all for the Gialloblù, who at the beginning of the month have completed the feat of passing the first round of the women's Champions League. But in a single game the Torino has some chances to play, given that the last confrontation between the two teams, the final return of the Cup to the Ruffini field, saw the grenade assert 3-1 in the 90 'regulations. Surely in the field at Monza the new seasonal entries: all new then the defense with Elisabetta Parodi, Daniela Tavalazzi and Cristina Cassanelli to make department with the veteran Cristina Gangheri, under the direction of the number 1, Rita Caravilla. In midfield Tatiana Zorri will play, the returning Marta Carissimi, Pamela Gueli and Maura Bruno, the other returning Simona Sodini will be the support in attack by Ilaria Pasqui. But the technician Giancarlo Padovan ..

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SATURDAY 1 SEPTEMBER HOURS 20.00 AT THE SADA STADIUM OF MONZA IS ASSIGNED THE SUPERCOP BARDOLINO vs TORINO, AND 'SUPERCOPPA! It is always an exciting and uncertain challenge when the two strongest teams of the last championship clash. This challenge, however, has a special taste! Part of the Italian Cup won by Bardolino but who saw a Torino win the return match drawing the result of the first leg. It's more than a revenge for Turin! It must be said that the Bardolino comes out winning from the preliminaries of the Champions Cup with the morale to the stars and a good athletic condition. The Torino of Mister Padovan, however, are preparing for this meeting with equal pignoleria and determination. Both trainings have been renewed with new purchases of high technical caliber. We just have to invite everyone to Monza to attend the meeting and to propose a preview of a survey .. Who will win the Italian Super Cup ??? To listen to the direct commentary. Clikka here Cordenons Tournament and Pre-Italian Super Cup Interviews. To see the video. Clikka here



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