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Under19 2006-2007

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SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP, FINAL QUARTERS. STILL AN UNDERTAKING OF THE BABY GIALLOBLU 'THAT DISCHARGE 1 TO 0 THE TORINO CHAMPION OF ITALY OF CATEGORY. THE GRENADE ARMORED FALLS AFTER TWO YEARS OF EMBATTIBILITY. GIRELLI SIGNS THE GOAL GOL. NEXT SUNDAY IN TORINO THE RETURN RACE. Sunday 10 June 2007 The Bardolino is definitely the black beast of Turin! The Gialloblù spring imitates the girls of the first team, which just 24 hours before had conquered the Italian Cup against the grenade, inflicting the first defeat after two years of unbeaten the age of the Toro champion of Italy in charge of category, in ' the quarter-finals of the Primavera national championship. In Calmasino, on a day with the suffocating heat, the baby scudettata granata start off decisively in attack but they are wasteful and inaccurate in the conclusions. The remodeled Bardolino (Toselli disqualified, Lonardi and Ledri injured) punishes in counterattack half an hour with Rodella committing Serafino to the deviation in the corner. At 33 'the best opportunity for the grenade is on the feet of Bonansea who shoots the ball against the crossbar.

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Spring Championship: Torino wins in Milan 0-3 and goes on With the 0-3 victory in Milan, Torino easily qualifies for the Under 19 quarter-finals. At the 7 'of the second half, Pamela Gueli missed a penalty, but then rebuilt himself in the final, securing the result. Also in this phase, the qualification mechanism grants a chance to the best loser of the three comparisons, that is the formation that will have the best goal difference and in case of a tie who will have the greatest number of goals scored, then draw.

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The Under 19 is not able to gain access to the third phase of the spring championship. The two goals conceded on the Fiammamonza field are too heavy a result to guarantee repechage against the Gialloblù. The Friulians despite the good test must surrender to Fiammamonza. And it is precisely the Graphistudio at the 19 ° to touch the goal with a punishment of Stabile that breaks against the crossbar. On the rebutted, however, it is the landlords who pull out a deadly counterattack, which finds Vinci as the finalizer, who beats to the net for the goal of one to zero. Graphistudio tries to respond but Cucchiaro's shot at the 38 ° is still printed against the crossbar. In the second half the Gialloblù are still looking for a draw to lead the race. However, every attempt proves to be in vain, so that by the time it expired, when penalty kicks were pending, a fortuitous deviation by Di Rienzo over the development of a punishment signed the definitive 2 to 0.

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FLAMES WITH HEART, TAKES THE RESULT AND IS IN THE FIRST ARE YOU IN ITALY MONZA -. The red and white Under 20 does not want to be outdone by its extraordinary first team and at the end of intense 94 it beats the Tavagnacco at 2 at 0 and enters the top six Italian teams of the category. The goal was difficult, to overturn the 0 to 1 immediately in Friuli against the yellowish blues. Monza recovers two strikers even though they are not at their best (a time each, in fact, for Vinci and Palmieri). The home side started strong and almost scored the goal three times until, at 20 ', Vinci found the winning shot. The guests are not there and first Ferraro has to make a prodigious intervention on Stabile's staff, then we think the upper part of the crossbar to stop a guest free kick. The Fiamma could double in the first half but the excellent Mareschi always says no.

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PONTECAGNANO - FAIANO (SA) - The nursery of the Hidrotec Pontecagnano Femminile flies to Coverciano. In fact, the Picentine youth sector directed by Antonio Garbellano, the next 9 and 10 June, will be on the scene at the federal technical center for the final stages of the tournament, organized by the FIGC and the Scholastic Youth Sector, "Young Footballers" for girls born between the 1992 and the 1995. The Pontecagnano, therefore, after having beaten the competition of the other Campania teams in the provincial and regional phases will be the team carrying the Campania region.

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The first round goes to the Graphistudio In the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Primavera tournament Graphistudio exceeds Fiammamonza. And he wins thanks to a goal from Mauro, made after 15 ', born of an invention by Chiarvesio who finds the right way to launch the attacker. And she, Ilaria Mauro, gets ready and hits. The game, conditioned by the heavy terrain of the Comunale of Tavagnacco, sees in any case the Graphistudio protagonist. Although the opponents prove to be well covered in every department, they are the landlords to make the race. Pezzarini and then Cucchiaro tried to score, a few minutes after the kick-off, but in both circumstances the Fiammamonza goalkeeper didn't let himself be surprised.

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IN THE RACE OF THE OCTAVI OF FINAL UNLUCKY PAREGGIO FOR THE GIRLS OF THE PC BARDOLINO SYSTEMS THAT IMPACT 1 TO 1 AGAINST THE TORRES. AT THE GOAL OF SUSANNA MANZONI RESPONDS IN THE FINAL CRESPI. NEXT SUNDAY THE RETURN TO SARDINIA. Do not go beyond the home draw the spring yellow-blue formation that in the first leg of the round of 16 on the friendly ground of Calmasino is stopped on 'one by one from Torres. Mister Vanoni has to give up the injured Mascanzoni, Nicotra, Crivellaro and proposes in midfield the coupled Girelli - Vivirito. The race is very balanced with a few dangerous actions on both sides. Balance broken at the 29 'by Susanna Manzoni who on the edge of the off game receives the launch of Rodella, flies towards the host area and beats Winkler out with a precise low shot on the far post. At the 36 'Girelli all alone in the area badly misses the opportunity of doubling by shooting the ball over the crossbar.

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In the repetition of the match against Livorno, the girls of the Eurnova, come out from the rectangle of play with the visa for the second phase of the spring cup, which will be held Sunday 27 May against the jewel of Florence. The eleven gialloblu, always driven impeccably by the coach Cervellone, in the first part of the game suffer the vehemence of the amaranth, and after 45 'minutes of play, the only action worthy of note bears the signature of Masselli, who on assist of Luconi S. (replaces the 30 'for physical illnesses from Jura) sends the sphere between the gloves of the extreme defender of Tuscany. The first half ends with the 0 score at 0, where the tactics of the two coaches are the master, and the fear of both teams to suffer goals.

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