Thursday, January 12th
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SPRING, OK THE PERFORMANCE OF THE SEMIFINAL SCUDETTO A bit of regret is there, but also the feeling that with a little 'attention and concentration the final can be a step. The Gioiello Florence wins in San Marcellino for 3-1 the first semifinal of the Primavera season against the Friulians of Tavagnacco. The regret concerns the goal conceded, in the final, when it seemed that the round result could be brought home. Sunday (whistle to start at 16.30) the return to Friuli could be a trap, by virtue of the away goal scored by players in the yellow-blue jersey, just the 85 'after the technician violates Massimo Del Bimbo had already operated all five the substitutions available to him. The violins were initially lined up with a classic 4-4-2, with in front of Leoni in the door and Elena Bruno, deployed as a free stand, Gaia Nannelli, Leprini and Benucci in defense, Parrini, Orlandi, Barreca and Nencioni in midfield. Manetti and Talanti the tips. Florence passed already after 5 minutes: individual action insisted by Giulia Orlandi with a shot from distance. At the 21 'the Barreca doubling on support by Manetti. After the two goals scored the Friulians inserted the goalkeeper of the first team Buiatti, but already 30 seconds after the whistle of the second half of the excellent referee Mauro Polizzi came the goal of 3-0: action in percussion of Benucci, Talanti put in . Then, as mentioned, at 85 ', the goal scored by Di Rienzo. In the other semi-final, the outgoing champion Torino did not make mistakes and beat the Fiammamonza for 3-0 at the end of the game, already after 66 minutes of play. The final, which will be played in a single race, will be next week in Gorizia. But first there is to overcome the insidious trip to Friuli. In the quarter-finals, Gioiello Firenze, after imposing the first leg for 3-1 in Puglia, had beaten the formation of Pink Sport Bari in San Marcellino for 4-0. Di Alia Guagni twice in the first half and then again in the Guagni in the second half with a goal by Simona Parrini the goals. These are the tables of the two semi-finals of today: Tabellini THE JEWEL FLORENCE CF U19-GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO F U19 3-1 (2-0) NETWORKS: 8 'Orlandi G. (I), 25' Barreca (I), 46 'Talanti ( I), 85 'Di Rienzo (G) THE JEWEL FLORENCE CF U19: Leoni I., Benucci, Nannelli, Leprini (68' Moretti), Bruno, Manetti (73 'Food), Nencioni, Orlandi G. (85' Del Grazia ), Talanti (53 'Rizzo), Parrini (59' Binazzi), Barreca - ALL. Massimo Del Bimbo GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO F U19: Mareschi (40 'Buiatti), Lorenzi, Ilic, Di Rienzo, Stabile, Simeoni, Martina (56' Grando), Cucchiaro, Zuliani, Angioletti (46 'Vinazza), Pividori (46' Chiarvesio) - ALL. Eros Cossaro ARBITRATOR: Mauro Polizzi (Florence) RECOVERY: 4 minutes (1 'pt + 3' st) AMMONITES: none EXPULSED: no SPECTATORS: 100
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