Turin - CentroPose Bardolino 5-0 (2-0)

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CHAMPIONSHIP SPRING QUARTERS FINAL: TURIN INTO TURIN THE BABY GIALLOBLU 'ADVENTURE OF VANONI WHICH FACTS INCREDIBLE OCCASIONS ON THE 0 IN 0 AND SHALL IN THE RESUME. FINISHES 5 TO 0 FOR THE GRENADE CHAMPIONSHIP OF ITALY SPRING IN CHARGE. TAKE UP THE TAVAGNACCO FOR THE SECOND TIME !? The trip of the baby boys by Vanoni in the national phase of the Primavera championship ends in Turin. After beating 1 0 in the first leg of the Italian champion grenade spring in office, the Gialloblù in Turin have failed four times in the opening of the network the possible advantage. Clumsy the three missed opportunities by Susanna Manzoni alone in front of the Turano goalkeeper also graced by Veronica Franceschetti who steals the ball at the number one grenade but with a stolen door can not conclude. Toro escaped the danger, for the occasion also reinforced by the national Manieri, passes to 26 'thanks to the conclusion put under the crossbar for over thirty meters from Ranieri. The Gialloblù wasting two other incredible opportunities with Franceschetti that at 27 'also exceeds the goalkeeper but kicks to the side, and the 33' alone in front of the door is opposed by a defender in recovery but resists the fall causing the referee not to whistle the possible rigor. The Toro wakes up and at the 35 'Bonansea and Moretto force Mazzurana to double the intervention. Shortly after Giuliano jumps Giannachi but concludes to the side. 'And the prelude to the 2 goal at 0 that comes in the closing of the first fraction favored by a naivety of Vivirito who loses the ball in midfield to the advantage of Gueli who from the distance takes Mazzurana by surprise. The Azzurri Girelli and Rodella appear in precarious conditions, as often happens after the meetings of the National under 19, and in the second the Bull takes advantage of the moment of discouragement of the young Garda through three more times, at 12 'and 20' with Gueli, at 23 'with Giorgis. Turin that flies in the semifinals, while as a better loser the Tavagnacco is fished for the second consecutive time, having collected a won race and a lost match on a par with Bardolino, thanks to the best goal difference. Certainly an absurd regulation that of the Primavera championship that allows a team twice eliminated always by the same opponent, to be among the four semi-finalists. For the young Gialloblù of Vanoni, only defeated by the scudettate toriniste, it was however a very positive season with Crivellaro and companions who offered proofs of good game and given show on many fields of Veneto and Italy. THE TABLE: TURIN 5 PC 0 SYSTEMS Turin: Turano, Ranieri, Cantoro, Coluccio, Pisano, Lettieri (28 'st. Tabor), Gueli (34 'st. Pasquarelli), Manieri (23 'st. Franco), Bonansea (15 'st. Spanu), Giuliano, Moretti (1 'st. Giorgis). All. Panigari. Bardolino: Mazzurana, Filippozzi, Baroni, Vivirito (25 'st. Small), Giannachi (38 'st. Marai), Rodella, Toselli (23 'st. Rizzo), Crivellaro, Manzoni, Girelli, Franceschetti (10 'st. Mascanzoni). All. Vanoni. Referee: Colosimo di Torino. Networks: 26 'pt. Ranieri, 45 'pt. Gueli, 12 'st. Gueli, 20 'st. Gueli, 23 'st. Giorgis. Notes: synthetic grass ground, rain at times during the meeting. 7-2 corners. 200 spectators. Photo: the debutant Debora Mascanzoni on the cover, used only in the second half. Below: Michela Lonardi and Michela Ledri the two injured who were able to follow the race only from the stand. Bardolino Press Office
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