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SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP, NATIONAL STAGE FINAL QUARTERS - RETURN: WITH TAVAGNACCO THE FLAME "REVIEW" THE TURN, AND IS IN THE FOUR IN ITALY TAVAGNACCO (UD) -The young biancorosse perform yet another masterpiece, even defeated by the Tavagnacco outside, revisit the turn thanks to 1 XNAXX Sada and goal scored away from entering the first four teams of Italy. For the game of the results of the other races and a questionable regulation, the Friulians still re-qualify as the best loser, for the second consecutive time. Udinesi still in great dust, all the big players in the field, including Gama. Flame that relies only on its forces under 19 and the turn over forced by ailments and injuries. Beautiful race, Tavagnacco that in the midfield is that of the Serie A and plays divinely. However, the ordered and compact brianzole start very well; Win (not at best due to a painful pestone remedied in the week) procures and fails two goals. The rhythms are very high and at the 13 'Mauro finds the winning corridor and from the limit it beats Ferraro. Vinci still deceives the Fiamma at 27 'then it takes an amazing Ferraro parade to save the Monza from an unfair 2 to 0. At the 34 'deserved draw comes by Sansonetti well supported by Scolaro. Key goal, now the Tavagnacco must make two more to go without repechage but the first half ends in equal. Shooting again with Vinci who has the ball of advantage but begins to accuse the injury and so wrong, at the 58 ', thinks the national A Gama to find gap and winning conclusion for the 2 1. The locals are now competing with the strongest technical and experience rate but the Fiamma holds until it comes to know of the unexpected defeat of Bardolino (0 at 5) in Turin. At this point the Tavagnacco makes some calculations, spring slightly the blow because it would be out but as best loser it would revisit the turn and, above all, would not meet the very strong Torino. The only Stable (very good) tries from the distance without luck, the others pull the oars on the boat while the Fiamma severely engages Buiatti at 92 'with Palmieri. It ends up like this, with the Monza twice victorious and now have to contend with the Italian champion team while the Tavagnacco reeliminated yet still fished and who laughs under the mustache to have as an opponent the best but on paper less prohibitive Florence (4 a 0 of the Tuscan to Bari). Anyway go, big season of the fiammette. TAVAGNACCO: Buiatti, Fontoni, Chiarvesio (74 'Di Rienzo), Lorenzi, Ilic, Simeoni, Martina (65' Zuliani), Stabile, Gama, Mauro, Pezzarini (57 'Angioletti). All. Cossaro (Mareschi, Vinazza, Cucchiaro). FIAMMAMZA: Ferraro, Franchin, Russo, Zambetti (35 'Gresia), Gagliardi, Confalonieri, Mugavero (85' Missaglia), Ravasi, Sansonetti (80 'Nardi), Vinci (75' Cereda), Scolaro (51 'Palmieri). All. Ciofi (Bruno, Piccini) REFEREE: Bossi di Udine. NETWORKS: 13 'Mauro (T), 34' Sansonetti (F), 58 'Gama (T). NOTES: Land in excellent condition, 150 viewers around. Ammonite Martina (T) and Franchin (F). Recovery 6 '(1' + 5 '). Gianluca Ciofi Asd Fiammamonza Press Office - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 339.1425992 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Asd Fiammamonza, Via Guarenti 1 headquarters, c / o GA Sada Stadium, 20052 Monza. 039.2022692 phone, 039.836328 fax
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