Primavera, TURIN - 3-0 FIAMMAMONA (1-0)

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SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP, SEMIFINAL NATIONAL STAGE - A BIRTH OF GROSSOLANI ERRORS AND THE SLIPPERS WILL GO WITH THE FAVORITISSIMO TORINO VENARIA REALE (TO) -Not to do for the generous baby fiammette against the favorite Turin that for the occasion, in addition to its athletes on the strength of the first team, not even the contribution of national team A Manieri. Downpour before and during the race and great wind, difficult to play football. The Bull wins the toss of the coin and rightly also takes the advantage of the wind in favor. Despite this, the Fiamma, without the star Vinci injured, takes a hit and for half an hour the race is balanced with slight territorial dominance of the local and biancorosse concentrated not to concede anything to the enormous impact force of the attack grenade. Indeed the first goal ball clear and on the feet of Sansonetti who loses the moment in front of Serafino. At 36 ', however, a cross from the left is "pierced" by the central Gagliardi and Bonansea, facilitated by a mark sui generis, can receive undisturbed in front of Ferraro. Gol easy easy and 1 to 0. The Torino takes courage, raises the pace and a few minutes later hits a crossbar with Bruno. in the photo, Valentina Mugavero After the rest, the Fiamma tries to redesign the tactical set-up but is cooled by Manieri on a free kick and an injury of the usually excellent Ferraro which escapes the ball made slimy by the rain. Goals unexpected and mocking the biancorosse lose hits on the level of morale while the Torino finally melts and goes to the third signing. Last whipping red and white in the final with an eleven all offensive but the goal of hope does not arrive. The return will be played at the Sada stadium next Sunday starting from 16 and 30; you need a test of pride to still end with a truly extraordinary season. TURIN: Serafino, Repetto (70 'Tabur), Manieri, Coluccio, Pisano, Gueli, Franco (73' Spanu), Bonansea (52 'Moretti), Giuliano, Bruno (78' Giorgis). All. Panigari (Turano, Ranieri, Rubino). FIAMMAMONZA: Ferraro, Franchin (79 'Missaglia), Russo (72' Candi), Confalonieri, Gagliardi (50 'Mugavero), Gresia, Palmieri, Ravasi (59' Piccini), Sansonetti, Zambetti (82 'Nardi), Scolaro. All. Ciofi (Bruno, Mariani). REFEREE: Babando di Collegno (To). NETWORKS: 36 'Bonansea, 50' Manieri, 67 'Moretti. NOTES: Synthetic grass ground, flooded by pouring rain. 80 viewers around. Ammonite Repetto and Franco for Torino, Piccini for Fiammamonza. 2 corner kicks at 2. Recovery 5 '(0' + 5 '). Gianluca Ciofi Asd Fiammamonza Press Office - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 339.1425992 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Asd Fiammamonza, Via Guarenti 1 headquarters, c / o GA Sada Stadium, 20052 Monza. 039.2022692 phone, 039.836328 fax
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