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SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP, FINAL QUARTERS. STILL AN UNDERTAKING OF THE BABY GIALLOBLU 'THAT DISCHARGE 1 TO 0 THE TORINO CHAMPION OF ITALY OF CATEGORY. THE GRENADE ARMORED FALLS AFTER TWO YEARS OF EMBATTIBILITY. GIRELLI SIGNS THE GOAL GOL. NEXT SUNDAY IN TORINO THE RETURN RACE. Sunday 10 June 2007 The Bardolino is definitely the black beast of Turin! The Giallobl├╣ spring imitates the girls of the first team, which just 24 hours before had conquered the Italian Cup against the grenade, inflicting the first defeat after two years of unbeaten the age of the Toro champion of Italy in charge of category, in ' the quarter-finals of the Primavera national championship. In Calmasino, on a day with the suffocating heat, the baby scudettata granata start off decisively in attack but they are wasteful and inaccurate in the conclusions. The remodeled Bardolino (Toselli disqualified, Lonardi and Ledri injured) punishes in counterattack half an hour with Rodella committing Serafino to the deviation in the corner. At 33 'the best opportunity for the grenade is on the feet of Bonansea who shoots the ball against the crossbar. In the second half the Toro, who has run a lot, appears more tired and the Giallobl├╣ take advantage of it bringing to the 18 'thanks to the great goal of Cristiana Girelli that from outside the area puts the ball under the crossbar. In the final, while the Piedmontese continue to shoot at the stars, the Garda people could even double with Susanna Manzoni, who has already lost a goal already exhausted. The one zero returns the verdict concerning the passage of the round to the return race next Sunday in Turin. In addition to the winning 3 of the direct matches, the best loser will also pass into the semi-finals. These are the results of the quarter-finals: Pink Sport bari - Florence 1-3 Fiammamonza - Tavagnacco 1-0 Bardolino - Turin 1-0 THE TABLET: PC SYSTEMS BARDOLINO 1 TORINO 0 Bardolino: Mazzurana, Filippozzi, Baroni, Vivirito, Giannachi, Rodella, Rizzo (12 'St. Mascanzoni), Crivellaro, Manzoni, Girelli, Franceschetti (28' St. Piccoli). All. Vanoni. Turin: Serafino, Ranieri, Cantoro, Coluccio, Spanu (8 'St. Pisano), Lettieri, Gueli, Franco (44' St Repetto), Bonansea (8 'St Giorgis), Giuliano, Moretti (24' St. Rubino ). All. Panigari. Referee: Andrea Zuliani from Vicenza. Network: 18 'st. Girelli. Notes: Land in perfect condition, very hot and muggy day, spectators about 100. Ammonita Girelli. 2 - 6 corners. Recovery 1 and 3 minutes.
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