Thursday, January 12th
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Despite the 90 minutes played almost entirely on the attack and despite the presence of Gama and Mauro, among the 11 holders, the Graphistudio must surrender to the Fiammamonza. For the Gialloblù it remains the regret of not having been able to realize the many opportunities but also the hope of being able to overturn the result in seven days at the municipal Tavagnacco. Starting from the opening lines, the Graphistudio tried to find the goal, but after 8 minutes, on the developments of a corner kicked by Gama, Mauro hit the crossbar. And throughout the first half the two blue ones are the protagonists with solos and duets. The conclusions however found the careful response of Ferraro, who once again highlighted all its value. In the second half the script does not change: it is still the girls of Cossaro to do the race, guided by Gama's inventions and Mauro's conclusions. The Monza responds to 18 ° with Vinci, but on the big shot of the number nine is ready to reject Mareschi. After the turn of changes the Graphistudio tries to accelerate again, to finalize the amount of game built. At the 22 ° it is still Gama who gets into the chair, but the conclusion is printed against the post. But just when Graphistudio seemed to mature the time of the goal, the landlords struck. Vinci, launched on the offside line, has speeded over the Friulian rearguard and hit, with the utmost coldness, sending the ball into the net. And even the last assault on graphistudio does not produce any results. Goals: 40 'st Vinci Fiammamonza: Ferraro, Gresia (27'st Missaglia), Mugavero (17' St Cereda), Zambetti (23 'St Martinig), Gagliardi, Confalonieri, Scolaro, Franchin, Vinci, Piccini (27' pt Ravasi ), Palmieri (21 'st Nardi. All - Ciofi Grapistudio: Buiatti (1' st Mareschi), Fantoni, Chiarvesio, Lorenzi, Gama, Simeoni, Martina (24 's Zuliani), Stabile, Mauro, Angioletti (16' st Pezzarini ), Ilic (33 'St Di Rienzo) - All Cossaro Referee: Zanonon di Seregno Ammonita: 11 st Vinci For more information Press officer Graphistudio Erica Beltrame 347 / 0399767 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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