Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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With an extraordinary poker, an extraordinary Pink exceeds the Feminine Napoli

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Spring: Pink Sport Time Bari - Women's Napoli 5-0 After the victory of the Coppa Puglia, repeating the success of the last edition, Pink is looking for the historic passage of the round at the 3a national stage of the Primavera Championship. The Bari training started from a reassuring 2-0 obtained in Neapolitan land in the first leg, but the team of the Cardone technician is not content to administer the result and dominates the race for all ninety minutes giving goals and show to the ever so many supporter of the pink-blue formation. The Feminine Napoli tries immediately to attack to make up for the disadvantage of the first leg, but the pink-blue team with great tactical sagacity, after ten minutes takes the reins of the game. The first opportunity happens to the bomber Pontrelli that launched perfectly on the offside line leaves a diagonal to the poison that the extreme defender guests with great difficulty in the corner. Pink rises in tone and opportunities to take advantage increase visibly. Macina tries that after subtracting a great ball at the central defense Neapolitan, face to face with the goalkeeper too much raises the aim and his shot ends over the crossbar. But the advantage is in the air and Captain Navarre thinks about it to materialize it. Picone's punishment, the pink-blue captain controls in the penalty area and from a secluded position lets start a left "bomb" to cross, which leaves no way to the host defense for the 1-0. At half an hour the number 11 of Pink is repeated eluding the offside trap with an incredible coldness, from the 25 meters, raises the head and pierces the innocent goalkeeper with a lob wonderful for accuracy and execution. On the 2-0 ends the first part of the game with the passage of the now almost certain round for the Bari. The recovery resumed on the false line of the first half, with the Feminine Naples trying to become dangerous and the Pink that closes every gap and starts with deadly counter-attacks. On a perfect restart is Grimaldi to go away on the counterattack, the outside of Bari comes into the area after forty meters of race, awaiting the inclusion of Antonacci and with a good shot of the serve, great right of the fantasy under the crossbar for the 3-0 that ecstasy all the public present for a goal of rare beauty and spectacularity. The emotions never end and ten minutes from the end is whistled a penalty for two in the penalty area in favor of Pink. Rogation unleashes a big blow but his shot ends on the crossbar and then beats on the goal line allowing the recovery of defense. In the final again Pink: free-kick from the edge, takes charge of the bar Antonacci. The dish is perfect but the cross saves the formation of the host that on the rejected but is surprised by the excellent inclusion of Leo who with great timing signs the 4-0. In the minutes of recovery there is time for the wonderful network of Palattella who launched beautifully from Biancofiore, enters the area and pierces for the umpteenth time the goalkeeper with a diagonal right. A network that rewards the young Palattella coming back from an injury that forced her to pit for most of the season. Thus ends 5-0 for the Pink Sport Time, a result that can only satisfy the coach Isabella Cardone, satisfied with the choral test of her girls, no one excluded. "After more than thirty games, injuries, influences, school and work commitments, I can only say GREAT GIRLS !!!". The next round sees Pink combined with the formation of Serie A, the Gioiello Firenze. The match will be held on Sunday 10 at 16,30 on the field "Tonino Rana" of Carbonara, a game that is announced to be really fought with the two teams that will give a sure show to win access to the semi-finals. ASD Pink Sport Time Gianni Ferrara In the picture the exultation of the captain of Pink Marina Rogation after the doubling network
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