SPRING: Milan - Turin 0-3 (0-1)

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Spring Championship: Torino wins in Milan 0-3 and goes on With the 0-3 victory in Milan, Torino easily qualifies for the quarter-finals of the Under 19 championship. At the 7 'of the second half, Pamela Gueli missed a penalty but was then redone in the final, securing the result. Even at this stage, the qualification mechanism, gives a chance to the best loser of the three comparisons, or the formation that will have the best goal difference and in case of a tie who will have the most goals scored, then draw. Networks: 32 'Giuliano; st 16 'Giorgis, 35' Gueli Milan: Di Giulio, Pagano, Morelli, Quitadamo (st 1 'Balducci), Di Giulio, Barosi (st 1' Caprera), Cama, Ferretti, Cappella, Cammarata, Lenci. All. Zambetta. Turin: Turano, Repetto (st 35 'Lettieri), Coluccio, Cantoro, Ranieri (st 40' Pasquarelli), Franco, Gueli, Giuliano, Spanu (st 3 'Ruby), Bonansea (st 15' Giorgis), Bruno (st 8 'Moretti). All. Panigari Notes. Ammonite: Ferretti (M), Franco. Expelled: st 35 'Cama (M). First phase Return races (in brackets the results of the first leg) Napoli qualified Ariete Chieti - Pink Sports Time Bari 1-3 (A: 1-5) Livorno - Eurnova Rome 2-1 (A: 1-1) Jesina - Florence 0-1 (A: 0-11) Bardolino - Reggiana 7-4 (A: 5-2) Eurospin Torres - Levante Chiavari 11-0 (A: 9-0) Multedo Genoa - Turin 1-5 (A: 1- 5) Milan - Dynamo Ravenna 8-0 (A: 5-0) Trento - Tavagnacco 0-2 (A: 0-4) Fiammamonza - Jesolo 1-0 (A: 3-1) Second phase (in brackets the results of 'gone) Pink Sports Bari - Naples 5-0 (A: 2-0) The Jewel Florence - Eurnova Rome 9-0 (A: 3-0) Eurospin Torres - Bardolino 1-2 (A: 1-1) Milan - Torino 0-3 (A: 1-3) Fiammamonza - Tavagnacco 2-0 (A: 0-1) Qualifies the winner of the double comparisons and the best loser (Torres) Third phase (Go Sunday XN UMX June 10 hours; return Wednesday 16,30 June 13 hours) Pink Sport Bari - The Jewel Florence Bardolino - Torino Fiammamonza - Torres Qualifying to the semi-finals (A: 16,30 / 17; R: 6 / 24) the winner of the double comparisons and the best loser The final race of the Primavera Championship will be held Saturday 6 June in Friuli Venezia Giulia, at the municipal stadium of Gradisca di Isonzo (Go).
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