Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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The twins of the Pontrelli - Rogation goal put ko la Femminile Napoli

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Spring: Femmnile Naples - Pink Sport Time 0-2 The first round of the 2a national stage of the Spring Tournament sees the Pink Sport Time engaged on the difficult field of the Women's Napoli. The race between the two teams, which next year will compete in the series B championship, is very much felt as the winner will advance to the next round, thus being able to certainly play against a Serie A formation. The whistle of the referee starts the hostilities, the two teams start immediately strong and try to worry their respective defenses in search of the gap that leads to the advantage. The great heat of the Neapolitan Sunday makes it difficult for the athletes on the pitch to spend so much energy every time you try to raise the pace of the game. The Pink is the first to appear from the parts of the guest area with Pontrelli that good position hits the outside of the network and with Rogation running a free kick Picone, but his conclusion goes off the bottom. At half an hour a shiver for the girls from Bari, when the goalkeeper Di Bari, (perhaps loaded irregularly), badly repels a cross from the bottom, the ball ends at the edge of the feet of a home attacker with a lob try to surprise everyone, but on his way he finds the re-entering Longo who, on the goal line, deflects from head to corner and denies the joy of scoring at home. Thus closes the first fraction of play on the score nailed to the 0-0. In the second half Pink redesigned by the technical Cardone goes into more determined field: reversal of the band between Biancofiore and Grimaldi, Antonacci set back ten meters and Pink immediately seeks the advantage. The Femmnile Naples on the other hand is able to contain the Bari and to leave without never being able to reach the conclusion to the mirror of the door. At the twentieth of the second fraction of the game comes the turning point: great action by the formation of the Cardone technician who on the vertical axis Antonacci - Rogation arrives in the opposing half field, the latter launches Pontrelli towards the Neapolitan gate. The pink-blue bomber anticipates the goalkeeper's mowing, but the ball is well aimed and ends slowly over the goal line for the 1-0 for Pink. The home team tries to find the way of balance but loses forward leaving ample room at the Bari departures. The race becomes definitely downhill when the landlords lose their free for expulsion for foul by the last man. The numerical superiority is perfectly exploited by the Pink that pushes on the accelerator and reaches the doubling with the captain Marina Rogazione that from twenty-five meters surpasses with a delicious and precise lob the extreme Neapolitan defender signing the 2-0 that closes the match. In the final mysteriously canceled a goal for Grimaldi, who heads a nice shot by Tisti, caught in a nonexistent offside position. Sunday 3 June at 16,30 there will be the return race on the field "Tonino Rana" of Carbonara, a game that announces exciting that the girls on the field will have to play with great determination. ASD Pink Sport Time Gianni Ferrara In the picture the twins of Pink Sport Time goal Marina Rogazione (left) and Maria Pontrelli (right)
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