Friday, February 28 2020
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Full loot in the clash against "La benvenuta", where Franciacorta lengthens the series of positive results. Three points that come after a game with warm tones and especially after a first half not the best. Franciacorta that manages to score in only half an hour, with Ugolini after a quick action in midfield is served on the left, enters the area bag .. The sore note of this day comes after a few minutes. Baroni gets injured and? forced to leave the field, or rather the subspecies of the marsh with a lot of ditch to the side. For her a fracture of the fibula and the franciacorta will have to? do without the promising midfielder for a long time. The second half as always the Franciacorta attacks to close the game. Franciana tries but the conditions of the match do not allow the goal. The opposing team in fact where it fails with the advance comes to us with the legs .. and are pains for Franciacorta .. It suffers and the referee can not handle the game now degenerated into a continuous stop and start again. Despite there? come to the shooting several times Cappellini, ugolini, gagni e? at 23 'that still Ugolini download in the door after a one / two with Gagni. The actions continue, Mazza unloads a penalty from the 0.009 limit millimentri over the cross and? at the 36 'that Cappellini definitively closes the match on 3 to 0 with a goal shot to the side where the goalkeeper can not? arrive .. you could also score the 4 'goal, but the girls think to cover and limit injuries .. I wonder how? possible to have such fields at the dawn of 2007, where injuries are the order of the day, the real game of football can not be expressed at best and then .. the locker rooms .. three meters for five where there should be 18 people, dirty filth where to support anything you need to make a vaccine against hepatitis .. fortunately we had to be welcome .... Next week at home with the Azzurre Vittoria ... There will be? to sweat ... as always ...
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