Thursday, February 26, 2015
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San Marino Academy, Spring conquers Bari

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Hunchback shot of the women's Spring, which comes from the longest away of the year with three points in the pocket. Performance of substance for the girls of Filippo Zaghini, who in the namesake Alice find the protagonist of the day: his in fact the goal that interrupts the negative series of two defeats, bringing the San Marino Academy back in the play-off wake. Having tied Napoli at an altitude of 16, the Titans see Lazio - the fourth force in the championship - just two lengths apart. By now Rome (39) and Fiorentina (31) are impregnable, even Empoli would seem certain of the post season (26).

In the first part of the race it also takes a nice intervention by Piazzi, decisive on a detour in front of the goal. Then Cecchini tries, whose right shot from the heart of the area finds Di Fronzo's secure hold; not even the lucky ones from Bari, who nock on the crossbar with the stirrup of Protopapa. Pink Bari is often dangerous on an inactive ball, but Liso's girls always lack the final leg. Not least the San Marino Academy, which presents itself in front of the goalkeeper with Sanchi: courageous and decisive Di Fronzo outgoing, able to bar the way to the short forward host striker.

After a first half with strong red and white hues, the Titans unlocked the encounter with the fireball of Alice Zaghini: the defensive center, released in support, charged a right from the center left beating Di Fronzo with power from 25 meters. Great goal of the San Marino, recently called up - together with his twin sister Giulia - for the FIGC Soccer + 15 stages, reserved for the 30 best players in the Peninsula.

Pink Bari does not stand by and watch, but despite a pressure ending Piazzi does not have to carry out any particularly important interventions. Indeed it is Sietchiping - entered the game in progress - to have the ball of the 2-0 on the head, standing in the fray to find the reflection of Di Fronzo. Apprehension in the end when a misunderstanding between Piazzi and Paolini opens the way for the San Marino door to Zilli, whose central right is raised on the cross from the Ligurian end which can be exalted on the right with a sure blow by Tateo - freed from a pinball machine in the area - . Not even the last prayer of Pink Bari is heard, so that the San Marino Academy can let itself go to a liberating cry for the accomplished undertaking.

female stay, 14th day | Pink Bari-San Marino Academy 0-1

Di Fronzo, Ruscitto, Labianca, Protopapa, Tateo, Larenza, G. Fiore (from 63 'Fanelli), Buonamassa, Zilli, F. Fiore, Giuliesi (from 77' Labanca)
Available: White, Curione
Coach: Donato Liso

Piazzi, Naghi, Casali (from 65 'Gennari), A. Zaghini, Paolini, Generali, Sanhi, Giuliani, Crinelli (from 58' Sietchiping), Cecchini, Prencipe
Available: D'Orazio, Grandoni, Bedetti
Coach: Filippo Zaghini

Referee: Paolo Cipriani of Molfetta
Assistants: Giuseppe Marino and Piergiacomo Palermo of Bari
Markers: 60 'A. Zaghini

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